Friday, September 18, 2009

Among the Stars

Silent darkness greets Fulguralis as he stumbles over the threshold of his home near Stormwind. He closes the door and lets the darkness wash over him for a minute, enjoying the stillness of the midnight hour. The voices in his mind quiet for a moment, temporarily satiated by the violence of the night.

A shaft of light pierces the peace, and Fulguralis squints back towards the opened door. The silhouette of an armor clad paladin fills the frame. Taking a step forward, Fuubaar stumbles drunkenly towards the bed. After a rough night of tanking, she'd had a few celebratory pints at the Dalaran tavern before they'd had the sober-porter send them home. Trust me, you don't want a drunken mage porting you around, someone has to be the responsible one.

"Light please, dear," Fuubaar announces, kissing her husband lightly on the lips.

What is it with paladins and light? Was the darkness really that unpalatable to them? Fulguralis ponders these questions, reflecting on how he rather enjoys the darkness. Then, with a negligent flick of the wrist, he sparks two hanging oil lamps into flame. Light washes over the room, sending the voices in his head atwitter. Fulguralis glances at the Dwarven clock, ticking loudly on the nightstand next to the bed: midnight on the dot.

"Ugh," Fulguralis moans as the light pokes at his bloodshot eyes. Tomorrow was going to be an early morning.

Fuubaar stumbles over and falls onto the bed, passing out across the bed, as usual. Fulguralis looks down at his shoulders and brushes the remaining flecks of iron from his cloth robes. They had dissembled the Assembly of Iron tonight for the first time, and victory always felt good.

Moving his wife aside with a tenderness that belies his warlocky exterior, Fulguralis pulls the covers back and tucks her in before settling in beside her. The voices die down. Sleep enters and searches the room, finally finding purchase in the two prone figures on the bed.

Unbeknownst our two adventurers, the flickering of the still lit candles seem to halt, the twisting shadows on the freezing as if caught in some unspeakable act of deception. The loud ticking of the Dwarven clock is silenced. It as if time itself has stopped completely.

The light dims, and a small round orb rises out of first Fuubaar and then Fulguralis. They swirl with a multitude of colors, enigmatic and yet familiar at the same time. Fuubaar's orb zips off, quickly exiting the room. Fulguralis's orb follows.

It rises up, up, out of the residence and high above the Azerothian continent. The world below drops away as the two orbs continue, flitting here and there while zipping towards some as yet unknown destination. They approach the nearby star that shines down on the world of Azeroth, now but a spec in the distance. The huge fiery ball proves not to be what it seems, but a collection of similar spheres, all bouncing and flitting around as if caught in some sort of primitive ecstasy.

For a moment, the two spheres join the multitude, but then they are off again. Streaking through this strange universe at ludicrous speeds, they come at last to an egg shaped planet that has been split in two around the equator. The egg has cracked outward, as if some internal explosion had caused the phenomenon. The two orbs circle the planet for a moment, observing, judging.

As if a sudden decision has been made, they straighten their paths and dive directly down into this strange new world. Swirling once around the delicate pillar that had apparently once joined the two halves of the shattered planet, they quickly head for the upper portion of the egg. This part is untouched by the nearby orb-comprised star, and lies shrouded in darkness.

They travel swiftly across alien landscapes, eventually settling atop two shadowy forms. The forms are nondescript, almost clay-like as they lay flat on the open landscape of the planet. They have not yet been created, but creation is imminent. It can be felt like electric currents running through the air. The scene begins to brighten around the two orbs, and they slowly descend to lodge themselves in the hearts of the semi-formed bodies below them.

The multi-hued lights of the orbs wash over and give the lumps features. Faces now smile back at the heavens, colored and lively after the work of the orbs. Though these two new creations do not know it, they share a strange link with the two adventurers that we left on the Azerothian planet. They are about to be born into a new existence of their own, fraught with perils unique to their world. Struggles that are, however, not unlike the ones faced by their adventuring brethren on the previous planet.

Though linked, these new beings remain as blithely unaware of their strange possession as the two slumbering adventurers in Azeroth. Only the orbs know what they are doing here. Only the orbs know of the link. They are different, yet they have the same origins.

And so, two new adventurers are born from two old ones. A new tale begins, linked and yet not linked with what we've known. A tale that appears to be at the mercy of two alien orbs.
(Author's note: this does not mean I will neccessarily switch to Aionic stories, I just wanted to open the possibility of being able to tell a tale from either of the two games. I'd imagine that the "orbs" can travel back and forth between existences at will...)

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