Monday, September 21, 2009

AI: Quick Monday Update

So far, the head start of Aion is going well. There were a few small lag spikes here and there, plus a rather lengthy queue. However, the queue is explained by the devs in the Aion Source forums that they're just trying to level out the initial spikes with the goal of good server health down the road. Basically, they want active, healthy, busy servers. Not a spike and then ghost towns. It's a pretty good strategy. Additionally, they're managing the queues dynamically. That is to say, they're monitoring how many people are trying to log on and are stuck in queues and will tweak the numbers so that it keeps moving and that you WILL be able to play.

Though being a queue sucks, I think it's good that the devs are being open about their goals AND that they have the future health of the game in mind. We all know that spikes happen at the beginning and then settle down over time. Heck, I've seen worse launches in the almighty WoW with their expansions and patches. In Aion, servers only went down rarely and were back up pretty quick. Queues moved at a steady rate, even though they were quite large at peak times. Lag showed up, but quickly went away. I've seen worse on x-pac day with WoW, or just random patching days. (I compare the two here since everyone uses WoW as a benchmark for polish, not because I think Aion is the "wow killer". I still they they can and will co-exist).

There are always going to be people that QQ, but I think if you're being realistic about the game and the necessities of the MMO genre in general, you realize they're doing a pretty damn good job so far. We'll see if that carries over into the official launch, when I'm sure we'll get another giant wave of people. All in all, though, I think they've really done this in a smart way that lets them react to the influx of people in a controlled manner, and not just knee-jerk to spikes. Hopefully that will translate into long term server stability.

Anyways, Fuu and I got up this morning and there was no queue (though quite a few "afk" stores where people said "at school", yay for being old and taking a day off for a game, we needed the break), so we're signing in right now to get back to the action. If you happen to get on the Lumiel server and want to say "hi", look for Genevieve the spiritmaster (that's me). I went with the patron saint of natural disasters. =)

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