Thursday, September 10, 2009

AI: Aionic Information

As the open beta continues and my excitement to finally start the game increases, Aion has been at the forefront of my illness addled mind. Obviously, with my raid group having an "off night" the other day, WoW isn't doing too much to challenge it for the spot. I find myself logging into WoW, doing a few maintenance/officer things, and then rushing over to level in the OB.

Why? I'm just excited about the game and a new environment. It's not that it's all that fresh or even all that different from WoW. There are a lot of good differences and a lot of similarities. It is, however, a completely unknown game to me as compared with WoW, and I'm enjoying the Newb. I'm enjoying the sense of discovery that comes from being on the rising wave of a new game. I've never done that before, having come late to the WoW scene from Final Fantasy. Unlike a lot of bloggers/gamers, I've really never "beta'ed" anything before.

In any case, this post is to introduce my new labelling scheme. I'd mentioned in the past that I plan to write a bit about Aion upon it's release and until now I've tried to keep it simple (for the same reasons I don't usually write about the WoW PTR). As we approach release date, I wanted to come up with something to let you, the reader, know when I'm waxing aionic. Thus, I will preface the titles of Aion specific posts with the "AI" designation. That way, if you're not into the game, you can be sure to ignore that post. :-)

My current goal for the open beta is to get my Warrior to ascend and try out some of the Gladiator class. As things stand, I've taken each of the four starting classes to ascension throughout the betas. Warrior is my last one. I haven't tried all 8 classes, but I feel hat I've at least gotten as sampling of the ones I'm interested in. My current plan is to roll a spiritmaster upon release, with a second toon being a melee class (probably Gladiator). I almost always roll two toons because I level one with Fuu and keep that static, while having a solo toon in case our play time doesn't match up. It works pretty well for us.

Like I said, I'm really enjoying being a newb again. The draw for me isn't to "kill" WoW, but to give me an alternate fantasy world to play in. It'll be nice to have a different game to play on those nights when WoW is laggy, offline, or I just plain want a change. Similarly, one of the problems with any new MMO is usually small maintenance bugs right out of the gate. Being able to go play WoW during those times when Aion is laggy or busted will be nice too. I like not being dependant on one game.

I also feel like I've gotten to a point in WoW where I'm satisfied. I still enjoy playing and want to raid and see the new stuff in patches, etc... but I don't need to do it all. I don't need every achievement or to grind out the minutia that the game has to offer. I'm content with raiding a few times a week, hopping on to play with friends, running random BGs, and casual things like that. I expect to spend a lot of time in Aion when it comes out because of this.

So, in short, this is a notification of what to expect around here in the months to come. I will label my Aion posts so you can *not* click over should you choose, and Aion posts make increase in frequency for a bit. However, I'm by no way giving up WoW and will still be writing about my warlock and death knight endeavors as the stories present themselves. I'm hoping that the positive of this method will be a lot of quality articles that don't feel like I'm groping for things to write about, while not upsetting too many people with my dual focus. As always, feel free to submit emails with questions or just leave comments with something you'd like to see or questions you'd have.

(Screen shot from the official site here. They have some cool wallpapers out there as well.)

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