Thursday, July 16, 2009

RL Achievement: "Goin' to the Chapel"

Well, I'm only two days away from becoming a married warlock. Things have really started to pick up (there are ALWAYS last minute changes/problems), but I'm really trying to put together something special to reflect the RL achievement. So, here's what you can expect...

Since I'm going to be ludicrously busy the next few days, and then on an unplugged honeymoon (wow, no electronics for a week? holy crap), I didn't want to just "afk" and leave y'all without something at least mildly entertaining. After all, life goes on for everyone else, right? In any case, the next seven posts will be picture posts, with hopefully a spot of humorous dialogue beneath semi-explaining the scene.

For all of next week, the theme is "Where would you go on your World of Warcraft honeymoon?" Now, we're not big RP'ers, but I thought it would be clever and kind of fun to pose this question to the community. What are, in your views, the most beautiful places in WoW? What are your top five? Where would you take your sweetie for a romantic getaway? Heck, where would you like to go yourself if it were real?

Look for our top five coming next week, one each day, and it'd be great to get some comments when I come back. Also, if any other bloggers feel inspired to write about the topic, I'd be happy to share it, and think it would be rather fun to find out where y'all would go. I'm hoping to be able to get great pictures and put in some dialogue and then schedule it all to go up. Last time I scheduled stuff... it didn't post, so if nothing happens, I apologize, but I tried and will retro-post upon my return.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you a preview of what's going to happen around here while I'm gone. I won't be replying to comments, but we'll certainly be reading them when we come back. Also, I'm hoping it's not too horribly dull, and I'll be back to regular writing after the much needed break.


  1. Now I have that song in my head! Thanks. :p

    And since I don't think I've said it yet, RL grats to both of you. <3

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  3. An early congrats on your wedding. :-)

    And to answer your question, there are undoubtedly some beautiful places in WoW - the islands off the coast of STV, the Isle of Quel'danas, the northern part of Winterspring (with the snowy leopards), the tops of the floaty mushrooms in Zangamarsh, the Nexus, the cliffs of Howling Fjord, UnGoro Crater, the Consortium FP (forgot what it's called) in the middle of Netherstorm, Moonglade, the Shimmering Flats, the lighthouse off the southern coast of Westfall, all of Silvermoon City, the very first village you get to out of the orc/troll starting area (where those trolls are and there's a little set of islands off the coast, there), the dark graveyard in the western part of Duskwood, the Caverns of Time, the Barrens at sunset, the northeastern part of the Hinterlands - I love the scenery in WoW, and I love most of the music.

    But my favorite place? The place where I'd go for my WoW Honeymoon? There's a little place on the beach (next to a little cozy house) on the eastern coast of Arathi Highlands - you get to it by going either up or down the coast (as far as I know, there's no path through the mountain range there). I'm not sure why that house is there - maybe it's a quest that I never managed to get to. But the scene there is pretty and very quiet and empty - I absolutely love it.

    This is a great, great idea for a post, by the way - I look forward to yours as well as doing my own. :-) Screenshots incoming!

  4. Congrats (again) and have fun! :)

    Azurebreeze Coast off the northeastern part of Eversong Woods is gorgeous. I also am a huge fan of Nagrand... the waterfalls, the little islands in the sky...

    /y Sideshow! I want a 2nd honeymoon!


  5. Good luck!

    Many good spots for honeymoon I think... I'd probably go for a distant costline. I've always loved the beach with the turtles in Hinterlands for some reason.

    The coast outside Swamp of Sorrows isn't bad either. Or the beach at the end of the world in Tanaris. Well, there are many potential honeymoon destination. For some odd reason I first come to think of places in the old world. Outlands and Northrend, beautiful as it is, isn't exactly romantic.

  6. I don't think I've said my congratulations yet either. Well, I wish you both the best, in-game and out. And someday when the time comes to cancel the WoW subscription, this new endeavor will still be going strong.