Friday, July 31, 2009

Radish The Hodre!

Upon return from a romantic honeymoon getaway, our heroes Fulguralis and Fuubaar found themselves the center of a celebration of epic proportions. Fellow warriors and champions from their adventurer's alliance gathered in The Slaughtered Lamb to celebrate the joyous occasion. Much alcohol was drunk. Much fun was had.

It was then suggested that a raid on a horde town was in order... naked. Of course, when one goes streaking in search of a cross-faction incident, one would likely choose the closest town. This was the case as the honor unfortunately fell to Stonard. A short gryphon's flight and several strippings later, a group had gathered and begun to traverse a route from Nethergarde Keep to the stronghold of Stonard.

Upon arrival, the group pummelled the village guard with their fists repeatedly, casting very few spells, yet still managed to demoralize and subdue the small town. This was perhaps facilitated by the under-seasoned nature of the horde guards. After the massacre, a photograph was taken by chance, and can be found reproduced below.

(Side Note: You can see a fairly good representation of the UI I'm rolling with. Feel free to ask questions about it)

Of course, the shot is blurry and this is in no small part due to the imbibing of the rather strong beverage Nethergarde Bitter, which was drunk in massive quantities.

Having completed the mayhem, it was then suggested that a more challenged brawl was desired. Our heroes had raided the horde (or radished them, as it were), and that left another faction unscathed. Fortunately, the Dark Portal was but a stone's throw away with members of the Burning Legion on the other side. Rumor had it that the pit lord on the Stair of Destiny had made an inappropriate remark concerning the patronage of one of the warlock's minions. For this, a lashing deemed in order.

The group then staggered drunkenly back across The Blasted Lands and stumbled through the slightly dim portal. The glow did seem rather bright for a so-called Dark Portal, but that's a story for another time.

Upon their emergence on the other side, many of the combatants reclothed as there were scores of minions assaulting the gate. Besides, dying was found to make one lose one's buzz, and that's just not very sporting. Chaos ensued and a battle of epic proportions raged on the Stair of Destiny. Wave after wave of burning legionnaires crashed and broke on the drunken front held haphazardly by our heroes, finally enticing the offending pit lord to join the battle.

After the dust had settled, a mighty cheer rose up from the combined forces on that forsaken stair. The pit lord had been slain! Much revelry ensued.

Some time later, after sobering up, the following picture was taken. Sadly, it did not capture the pit lord, as his body had already been dragged off and violated profusely in the course of the revelry. Such descriptions as are not fit for this narrative we visited upon his personage, but suffice it to say there wasn't much left to photograph in any event. However, you can still see the bodies of many of the minions as they lie slain upon the stair.

(Thanks to everyone who came to our "WoW reception" and made it a blast. It was good to be back.)

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