Monday, July 13, 2009

Portal Usage in 10-Man Ulduar Plus some Tips and Tricks

I went in for some extended raid time on Saturday in 10-man Ulduar. I pretty much haven't been able to do anything recently, but I found myself with a surprisingly free Saturday as Fuu was away getting girly stuff done to her in preparation for our upcoming vows, and I got my honey-do list done early. Wewt me.

As such, I thought I'd pass a long a friendly bulleted list of some tips and tricks I've been picking up in 10-man Ulduar. Feel free to add to it. I'll leave Flame Levi out, since I wrote another post about that here. Also, I'm going to be focusing more or Warlock Portal usage in my continuing crusade to justify it's existence, but I'll throw some other goodies in there as well.

  • If you are the harpooner for Razorscale, our portal lends itself well to this. Stick it back by the 'poons and you can beat the blinking mage, the sprinting rogue, or the slightly hastening hunter. If you're affliction, it's not like you'll be hurting your DPS any on the add phase anyways, amirite?
  • Speaking of Ms. Scale, there is a cleverly drawn circle in the center of her area. If you're a tank and kiting, use it. So much simpler to just DPS in the middle instead of trying to chase you all over the place.
  • Your Doomguard has an AoE attack. If you pull him out on this fight, use it. Be warned though, pets forget to take their smart pills for this fight and tend to just run off and never be heard from again.
  • Right before Ignis, there is trash. It is awful. Get over it and just run away from the whirlwind. Srsly, turn and run. The cake is a lie.
  • For Ignis, if your tank can stand near a pond and just turn the bastard to the left and then right for the scorches, as a DPS you can just stay put and go to down on that middle line thingy in the room. This makes it cake for ranged DPS.
  • On Ignis, use your portal to mitigate fall damage after the flame jets. Plus, you get to start casting a second before everyone else.
  • Also on Ignis, if he puts you in the crotch spa, after you enjoy your soak, you can use your portal to quickly get back in position (and thereby not stand in the scorch and die).
  • L is for Left and Light Bomb. R is for Right and Grrrrravity Bomb. Make sure to go 10 yards left and 15 yards right (if you all stack together in front, which is suggested)... or about four of the floor tiles to either side should make it safe, maybe five to the right.
  • If you're doing the above for XT, then you can portal back to the stack spot. Not really a big deal here, but fun.
  • If you're on add duty for XT, it may help to have your camera flip key bound to something so you can check behind you while doing things like "burning the heart".
  • When fighting the black knight... I mean Kologarn, there isn't really a clever portal usage, but lining up in the back with your ranged folks makes stepping up and running left or right to evade the Cyclops attack more tolerable.
  • Also on Kologarn, a great idea to tell your DPS folks: after the right arm dies, throw two spells of your choice on the body and then swap back to the adds. This assures that the OT has time to pick the kids up at the pool before you cannonball in.
  • I hesitate to even talk about Auriayayaya (or Lady Gaga as I call her), because (not altogether unlike the artist) she drives me batty. Perhaps its her crazy clothes or the overeager... cats. Whatever the case, she annoys the crap out of me with her crazy fearing (hey, that's my ability you unwarlocky wench!) and her interrupts (why the hell can't I cast anything NOW)... BUT, you can use the portal to designate and return to a stacking spot in front of the harlot.
  • If you're human, save your "every man" (or if you have a trinket) to exit from fear right before she runs you into that black hole sun of death. If you're a clothy, this can save you.
  • I hate Auriaya, have I said that? It deserves it's own bullet. It's 90% pull, 10% positioning and ALL F you in the A as a caster. Other than that, it's a cake walk.
  • That's about as far as we got. We took a couple of shots on the Iron Council, but not enough that I can give you something clever about it. Umm, does "don't aggro the dudes you didn't clear at the bottom of the stairs and get yourself killed" count? Yeah, don't do that. Not that I did or anything. (expletive deleted)
Hope you enjoyed this installment of the blind leading the blind and other exciting tales from abroad. As always, if you have anything to add, please feel encouraged to do so in comments. Thanks and see you next time!


  1. I'm no expert on warlocks (my highest is level 41), and I do not pay much attention to anything but concentrating on not pulling threat on Razorscale (I'm a shadow priest - Fade ftw!), but here's something that one of our warlocks do on that fight that seems to help:

    They summon the big pet (umm .. it might be the doomguard?) and, for the first add phase, keep it inside the circle (the raid stays outside) and have it stand IN THE FIRE. The entire add phase, the warlock, er, keeps that pet standing in one place in the fire and keeps it healed up with, er, whatever warlock ability it is to keep their pets alive. The fire stays on the pet the entire time .. NOT on the raid.

    After Razorscale comes down and gets pummeled on for a bit and flies back up, the warlock positions the doomguard pet thingy OUTside the circle, keeping it in the fire while standing in one place, and the raid stays inside the circle.

    I dunno, I guess (?) the fire doesn't move around if something is already getting burned? We never have to worry about fire on that fight because of that one warlock. It's pretty cool, actually.

    I suppose the poor warlock suffers on the meters, though, because of it, but if it helps the raid ...

  2. Hmm, I'd never heard of that. It certainly might be worth a try. I suppose it also depends on how difficult it is to keep people out of the fire. My 3-4k DPS is a lot to lose to pet micromanagement if people just can't stay out of the fire. However, I wonder how that compares to the collective loss... interesting indeed.

  3. Do you know that i've been so out of the loop, that I am only just now going to read your posts from the past two weeks?

    Also, I missed you and felt that the best way to share my affection for you and to express that I missed you was to give you loads of hell on the EGA site. But don't take anything I say seriously. I havent yet caught up with all the recent EGA website changes yet, so in lieu of actually being helpful or informative, I prefer simply being a priestly pain.

  4. Finished. And it's awesome. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the last part. ;)