Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Things That Piss Me Off

If you've never heard the Rodney Carrington song, here's a YouTube link and one to the lyrics. Funny song from a funny man. (If you live in the Indy area, you've probably heard of Bob and Tom. If not, it's a radio comedy morning show, which is where I get at least half of these names from. I hate mornings, so it's good to wake up to a laugh).

Anyways, I wanted to do my own list of little things that piss me off in PvP Battlegrounds:
  • If there is a flag, fight at it. Not 50 yards away. Not on the Bridge to Nowhere. Not in your mom's kitchen (what is she always doing in there?). At. The. Flag.
  • Forget the the Farm. If you're in AB and you don't hold the LM, BS, ST, and Mine... Srsly, forget the Farm. It's not worth it until you've captured everything else.
  • If 15 people are sitting at the end of the underground passageway in WSG, seek an alternate route with the flag. You may think you're Steven Segal and can take 'em all on with your terrible moves, but you're not. You don't have the ponytail, for one.
  • Speaking of WSG, keep in mind that it isn't a rave party with the other team. Don't go out to the middle of the floor and just dance the whole time. And by dance I mean that poor excuse for fighting. We're not redcoats, we don't have to just march in lines at each other. Try spreading out and using some subterfuge. Sneak up on people. Rogues aren't the only ones who can do that you know. Nothing sucks more than a WSG with 15 on 15 in the middle.
  • How un-epic can an AV rush get? I know, I know, I like quickies too. Ask Fuu. I mean, umm... AV rushing: taking the epic out of Alterac Valley since birth. Especially when you lose.
  • Is it just me, or is the flag in Eye of the Storm pretty much worthless? If you don't at least hold two bases, forget the flag, cuz... man... it's over otherwise.
  • The key to Strand of the Ancients is the vehicles. There, I said it. Either protect them or kill them. If you're not in a vehicle, near a vehicle, or on your way to a vehicle... you're doing it wrong (I guess you could be manning a gun or planting charges... but does that ever really win you the BG?).
  • I'm not going to touch Clustergrasp. We have a love-hate relationship based on the fact that I call it Clustergrasp.
What else pisses you off in BGs? I'm not talking just when players plain suck, but things where you're like: "dude, you're doing it wrong." I'm not trying to be elitist here, I just think that after you BG for a bit, you should start to understand, you know, the point of the BG. Like are you capturing flags or are you protecting bases? Are vehicles a key component? What are you doing to try and win, not just scrumming in the middle like an idiot. Is it just me, or does that seem to happen far too often?


  1. Grabbing the flag in EotS before any towers have been capped.


    "Horde inc MT!" While everyone else on my team is fighting in the middle.

  2. I hate when only 1 person is on D in WSG and they get bitched at for the flag getting grabbed when like.. 5-6 people came after it from the other side.

    I hate when the first resource in AB is captured and someone starts whining "Great, we're going to lose. Give up and get it over with fast."

    I hate when someone spends more time typing to complain about how everyone sucks and we're losing (whether we are or not) and their stats clearly show that they haven't done a damn thing. Like... my felpuppy has more kills then they do.

  3. WSG: when the enemy has our flag... but no one but me goes after it... repeatedly... dying immediately each time... and getting paid out for it.

    I could accept this if I was going in solo while 3 others were coming to join me... but if you aren't coming to help, stop your bitching...

  4. Yeah, the amount of bitching is certainly a major annoyance. It's like, unless you steam roll them, people are going to freak out.