Friday, July 3, 2009

First Dates Go Better With Booze

*Smooth Jazz Intro*

Hey there all you cool cats. This is your pal Berry Blue, walker of the void realm and resident nightlife expert of the underworld. I come tonight to tell the tale of two unlikely lovers.

I caught up with the couple inside the Slaughtered Lamb, which is a popular hang out for some of the shadier sides of Stormwind, and one place where a big Blue love Berry like me can blend like easy notes laid on top of a smooooth baseline.

Dressed casually, they met at the bar, where the warlock made a fine choice of the local Pinot Noir after a gentle nudging from your boy Berry.

The found a cozy nook in the corner and settled in for the night. At first, as with most dates in Azeroth, it was pretty discordant. After all, what do a Paladin and a Warlock have in common?

Luckily, as I said, they had some fine wine between them.

She drank, and then he drank.

And pretty soon their conversation had grown boisterous and animated.

As is usually the case with a fine wine, the couple didn't know when to give it a rest, which resulted in some impromptu table dancing.

I can't say much for their moves, but dancing is an important cog in the love machine, so it's allllll good.

I lost track of the pair after that, as some smooth notes wafted in from the direction of the Blue Recluse, and I just had to go check it out. Last I saw 'em, they was headin' for the inn, arm in arm.

Looks like another night of looove in Azeroth made possible by yours truly, Berry Blue. Until next time cats, keep the baseline of looove beatin' for ol' Berry.

*Smooth Jazz Outro*


  1. Great, now Jhomlos, my voidwalker, keeps going around trying to talk in that deep voice.

    He thinks he's soooo smooth.

    *rolls eyes*

    And why couldn't you have listened in on their conversation? I'd love to know what they found to talk about... wine or no wine!

  2. Got some ham and eggs comin' at cha!

    I just hope this event doesn't make it on to youtube or even worse.. some sort of internet sex tape.


    Hmm.. I could make some good money this way.

    Annnnnd CUT! Print that shit!