Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Four: Polaris

*Sparkie trots in, parchment in mouth*
Spaz: "Weeeeee! Sugar!!!!"
Berry Blue: "You let him get in the pantry again, didn't you Nighty?"
*Midnight shrugs*
Berry Blue: "You really do love pain, don't you?"
*Midnight grins seductively*
Berry Blue: "Don't get any ideas, I'm ephemeral. All smoke, baby."
*Midnight frowns*
*Sparkie nudges Midnight's long leg*
Midnight: "Oh bollocks. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously now."
*Opens letter*
*Berry Blue posts the picture*
Day Four finds us picnicking in Nagrand under the stars. We watched the heavens swirl and shared intimate stories. Then I got jealous of the shooting stars, so I made some of my own. -Ful

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