Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Five: Let's Do The Time Warp

*Sparkie trots in, parchment in mouth, looks around at the destruction sadly*
*Spaz is asleep over in a corner, surrounded by various food wrappings and empty bottles of ale*
*Midnight sneaks quietly from a side room, shutting the door softly behind her and tiptoeing into the kitchen*
*Berry Blue comes out of one of the back rooms, rubbing his head slowly*
Berry Blue: "Man, that was one coool party last night, Nighty."
Midnight: "Yeah, it was wicked."
*They both look at some burn marks in the carpet*
Midnight: "Pablo stops in for a bloody minute, and look what he leaves us to clean up!"
Berry Blue: "Chill Nighty, we got until Monday to get this place back together."
*Midnight huffs and opens the parchment, tossing it to Berry Blue*
*Berry Blue starts cursing in elvish*
Midnight: "What in the bloody hell are you saying?"
Berry Blue: "The letter says they'll be back tomorrow!"
*Midnight curses in demonic*
DeeGee: "Dudes, can you keep it down?"
*Berry Blue glances over at the side room where the voice just came and looks questioningly at Midnight*
Berry Blue: "Seriously?"
Midnight: "Oh come off it. He'll be out of here in fifteen minutes anyways."
*Midnight stalks off towards the room*
*Berry Blue takes a step towards Spaz, then thinks better of it and just sits down, rubbing his head slowly*
Berry Blue: "Stay cool, Berry. You'll get this place back together before the Master and Mrs. get back."
*Posts picture*

Our final day finds us exploring Fuu's favorite place: the Caverns of Time. What better way to extend one's honeymoon than to go to a place that is timeless? With that being said, you should know that Chromie has agreed to warp us back at the end of the trip, so we won't need to travel home. We should be back tomorrow, I think... you know how confusing time travel can be... Hope everything is in order! -Ful

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