Monday, July 27, 2009

Aaaaand Back to Live Action

So yeah, from the title, obviously we made it back alive. The vacation was wonderful. The wedding wasn't bad either. :-D

Football season is coming up, so my duties there are increasing. Meanwhile, Fuu is trying to dig herself out of a mountain of Thank You notes and wedding gifts. (Any other married guys notice how little of the actual wedding gifts are really "for" guys? I mean, srsly, we got more cooking and cutesy house supplies than we know what to do with. Not that I'm saying cooking things can't be for guys because I certainly am at home in a kitchen, but it wasn't like the crazy cool chef's knife or the awesome barbecue set... no, it's the vegetable organizer. And I say f*#! vegetables. Bring on the meat! Amirite guys? Warlocks in general are just meat-lovers. Woot for parenthetical rants).

What this adds up to is that married life already doesn't agree with WoW time. However, we perceive this as only a temporary hurdle and will take it in stride, hopefully getting to raid at least one night a week and jumping on on the weekends (where we finally don't have meetings/travel galore). In other words, we'll probably be on every night, just chatting and doing nothing. It's what we do *shrug*. I just hope Blizz drops a patch in my lap soon to give me something to write about.

Hmmm... 91 entries on the feed reader. I gots some catchin up to do.... Let's see what the interwebs are buzzing abotu and I'll get back to you with some more topical discussions later. Until then... how you doin?


  1. So no actual wedding pics being posted?! FOR SHAME!

    Congrats you two!

    And yes.. 90% of our weddings gifts were towels, dishes, etc. Where is my Gears of War Lancer and gift cards for the local tattoo shop?!

  2. Well, we haven't actually got the pictures yet, but I doubt I'll post them in any case :-).

  3. Not even copy/pasting your toons heads over your heads? That'd be priceless.

  4. lol, that would be funny. I may have to play with that when we get them...