Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unusual Activity & the Frozen Reject: Fuubaar's Guide to the Fiery Festivities

Hey Gang!

How's it going?


Ow that bad huh? Well, I'm sorry to hear that :(

Anyways... *cough

Midsummer Bonfire Bonanza is here! Bust out your Marshmallows & Smash some horde! If you're like me, you're most likely already finished "Honoring your Flames" & "Desecrated" (urinated freely) on Horde Fires. If you haven't, on J-Bizzle's blog, she talks about the new thing that Blizz is doing to Hot fix the shenanigans from last year.

Are we noticing a trend here? Has there yet to be a holiday that they didn't royally screw up? GG Blizz HIGH FIVE! Up high! Down low. Too slow....

On a better note, if you haven't done the chain quest that starts in your Major cities, it's mighty fun :D The beginning quest is called "Unusual Activity". They give you a totem (or Tawtum if you will) and you must fly out to Ashenvale to place this item in the Naga Camp to the north-west. Zoham or what ever the name is. Once up there, you will see a slew of people that aren't normally there. Humanoids & Tauren around lvl 25ish to thwart your plans. You must kill these humanoids & Tauren for a drop. Once you have received this drop, place your totem near one of the fires. It will summon a cute little Spirit Wolf (very similar to the Child in Children's Week) & you can turn in your item for the next quest.

Once you accept this next quest, the cutesy little wolfy will give you an item to use to disguise you from the Evil Humanoids & Tauren to spy. What is the most nonchalant looking critter to spy on evil-doers? HA! A Crab! That can hop :) Turn yourself into the crustacean & head north along the coast. You will see some odd groupings of people so you sit in the middle & listen to their conversation.

"Tom, why is this stupid Crab sitting here smiling at us and hopping?"
"I'm not sure Bill, but lets keep talking about our Evil Plans."
"Ok Tom"

Back to live action!

So, you've completed your task as a crustacean and now you need to call that cutesy little wolfy back to turn in your quest. Once you have done so, you can go back to the nearest (or the furthest if you so choose) Major City to turn in this quest & pick up that last quests.

This next part is adjusted by your current lvl. As a lvl 65 (I'm not sure where the cut offs where but my little pally friend was a 65 & he got this quest so yeah... wanna fight about it?) you receive two quests. As a lvl 80, you only receive one. The lower lvl quest takes you to the Dark Portal in Hellfire to summon a Rock Man. He's soloable at 65.

The main event quest takes you into the Depths of Slave Pens in Zangermarsh. Once you dive in to the tube & come out the other side, Slave Pens is the instance all the way to the Left. You'll know right away if you're in the correct instance if you walk in & see a lady Tauren with Totems around her with a big "?" on her head. Accept the next quest, and work your way down the tunnel. Kill the lobster trio & bring butter dipping sauce. Great appetizer before the big fight :D

Once you exit the tunnel, you will see another Tauren. Make sure to clear out at least the front part of this room because you will need the space for the fight. Accept this quest & buff up. Now, I knew that this guy was a lvl 70 elite so I didn't think anything of it but I wanted to be sure so I slipped on my Full tanking gear & half heartedly buffed up. I brought a lvl 65 Paladin & a lvl 80 Ulduar ready MM Hunter with me. I was thinking that this was going to be a short fight with some lootz at the end. Funny jokes on me...

This was how our fight went:

Once our little group was ready, our Hunter clicked on the big Crystal off to the left. It started some crazy streams flowing into the center crystal. I was thinking to myself, LOL cute it's trying to get pissed. I told our little pally to stand back because I knew that there were adds. Our hunter sent his pet in (poor poor Mefesto didn't even see it coming) and died on the floor. Elemental Adds spawned out of the Bosses body in pairs & in groups of threes. I rounded them up while the Hunter unloaded on the boss. The boss is stationary so our little hunter had fun. This was where things got a little interesting. Random spikes will shoot from the ground & throw you into the air (just like Anub'rekahn) and give everyone Falling Damage. I ran OOM pretty quickly from Consecrate & trying to DPS the adds down. After this first phase, the Boss stops spawning adds & goes into a Defensive Phase where he just sits there. This is a great time to heal up and try to get some mana back. The hunter whaled on the boss until it came out of the Defensive phase and started spawning adds & spiking us. Slowly our health had depleted & I had squeaked all of the mana I could out of cool downs. I stopped attacking & Started healing the hunter for what I had left in me because I knew that he could down him. The Boss went into his Defensive phase once more so I pulled out the ol' trusty band aids & started going to town on both of us.

Then, our little Achievement popped into our windows! HURAA! We got it. I was dying laughing from how exciting it actually was. We had almost died quite a few times but we pulled through. A chest was left from the dead boss (just like Four Horsemen in Naxx) and you get some mad lootz (for a lvl 70) and Shard for the quest.

Turn around & that little good for nothing Tauren stands there. Lazy bum... I WAS DYING & you could have at least spot healed you crazy cow! If NPC's could laugh at you, this lady would have been rolling on the ground. She accepts our Shard for 20 Blossoms & a Tabard of your choice! I got the Blue one because it matches my plate :)

This Concludes my Guide to the Fiery Festivities. So what should you learn from this encounter of mine? BRING A HEALER!!!!11!!!1!!!

WARNING: If you do though... it's not quite as exciting :WARNING


  1. Umm... not to burst your bubble, but it sounds like you're doing the encounter exactly backwards. During the first phase where Ahune's spawning adds he only takes 1/4 damage from any attacks you do to him. The second phase (what you called "defensive") is when he actually takes full damage, so that's when you want to unload all of your dps.

    Anyway, good to hear you got him down anyway! We tried that way (or something similar) the first time and wiped horribly with 2 80 mages, a 68 pally healer and a 67 DK dps. So... yeah. Once we figured it out he went down FAST during the first time he went all crystally.

  2. Well, the reason why I called it Defensive was because of the Emote he does when he stops spawning the adds.

    I never did any DPS to the Boss so I didnt know what was going on. My little hunter probably knew what was going on more than I did in that department. I was Add crazy :D

    Thanks for the corrections.

    I guess if you wanna do it the easier way lol

  3. The full TBB crew tried to do Ahune last year - we tried about 4 or 5 times... and we couldn't do it!

  4. @ J-belle

    You & Darf should be fine this year lol

  5. Note to self..... A lvl 65 retribution Paladin makes a terrible healer. Wile Fuubaar was buried in the boss mass, I was trying my hardest to kill adds (and being moderately successful). A quick look over at Fuu's health meter in the latter part of the fight sent me into panic mode. A couple of unbuffed Holy Light spells later, Fuu was looking OK, but I had no mana left so all I could do was hack at the adds.

    Oh well, it was fun nonetheless, and one of the more challenging dungeons I've done with 2 lvl 80s dragging me through.

    On second thought, who needs a healer! :-)

  6. @ Tordun

    Well, the rest of that instance is cake. They just wanted the Holiday Boss to make you feel bad. Also, I was so worried that you would have died in that fight and I lost track of you. When the Second Phase came up the second time, I thought we were goners.

    Tordun & his mighty healz saved the day!


  7. Hehe so, reading my comment again I realize it sounds... annoying. Anyway, I really like the blog (which is why I'm reading it in the first place) and meant to mention that in my comment, too. Thanks for all that you and Ful do! =)

  8. Ha, no problem... and thanks for the comment. We're always up to be told "we're doing it wrong"... cuz chances are, we are. :-D That and tips and tricks are always welcomed even when we get it *sorta* right.