Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ulduar Pics

Today is going to be another one of those boring, content-less posts where I put up some pictures for linking over at my Alliance website. I've only been in on a serious Ulduar raid twice now (we have previously just done Flame Leviathon on Monday nights to not waste the save and get the fun loot), but both tries have been pretty successful as far as new content goes. I blame a lot of it on being over-geared for the 10-man encounters. The progression path doesn't really alternate between 10 and 25 man instances, in fact it's more set up so you should pick one or the other. Having been running Naxx-25 a lot means that we're quite well geared for the 10-man version of Ulduar.

In any case, in both of my first two attempts we cleared through Auriaya, skipping both Ignis and The Assembly of Iron, with minimal wipeage. I'd have to say that's a lot better than I expected, though I know the real test will be when we begin doing 25-man Ulduar next week. This time we're foregoing the 10 man, two team learning approach in favor of learning it all together as a 25-man team. One of the problems with Naxx was that you ran it to exhaustion if you tried to run 10-man and THEN 25-man. We're just all so sick of it by now that we want to do anything else, even if it means massive wipeage. Thus, it's probably much better to take the approach of intermingling 10 and 25 man, instead of doing one than the other.

In any case, here come the pics...

I didn't photograph Loot Leviathon because, well, "loot" is the new affectionate name and we've busted him up a quite a bit now. I have to say, though, that the fight is still pretty fun. Also, we did him yesterday with one tower up successfully, so that's cool.

Razorscale is still hectic, but we're getting better at her...
Now With 10 Blades For The Smoothest Shave Yet!

XT-002 still creeps us all out with his/her childish voice and temper tantrums, but it's nothing we can't handle...
Oh, Grow Up Already. We'll Make You Stand In The Corner.

Kologarn still causes headaches with his shouting and poorly delivered Monty Python quotations...
Have At You!

And finally, Auriaya is quickly becoming my least favorite fight on the tour de Ulduar. What's up with all the interrupts and crap? Trying to keep my rotation clean on her just makes me want to punch kittens, which she conveniently provides. Sadly, I didn't take a screen shot of her demise because I was too busy yelling at my keyboard and replacing the keys I'd dislodged in my furious tapping.

It should be noted that we did all these fights last night with two healers and great DPS. It was certainly challenging for our healers (especially on Kologarn, who seems to delight in gripping and eyeballing our healers), who were up to the task it seems, and really made the bosses die more quickly (adding an extra DPSers on top of already good DPS will do that). So it was a really good night all around and reinforces the belief that we should greet Uld-25 with some success even though we're still definitely in the learning phase.

Here's a last pic of Fuu and I standing on Kolo's big, dumb head after we built a bridge ou' of 'em, it was her first time in Ulduar last night...

Grape Gravy!

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