Monday, June 29, 2009

Things Are Heating Up

The month of July shall forever (after this one) be known as my wedding month. As such, it's getting a little busy around home. Thus, I may be a bit flaky on the posting for this month, as RL will come and go. I have a plan to make something that'll cover my wedding and honeymoon time "off" and I'm hoping its cute/funny. However, don't expect much of substance from me over the next month as I'll just go for entertaining and short instead. That is, unless they sneak a live patch in on me... then I might have to do a REAL post :-).

So in the spirit of randomness, today I wanted to share a screen shot from a game I've been trying out recently (you may have heard of it): Aion. Thanks go out to Ixobelle who really turned me on to the game with his recent post about it.

This shot really illustrates a lot. You can see the UI (stock), even with some quest tracking on the side. You can see the beauty of it. You can see some small skirmishes in the background. And you can see the wings! ZOMG wings. I'm going to give all the classes a try and pre-order my copy soon (I've cancelled my EVE subscription by the way. It was all right, just didn't really hook me). By the time this comes out in September, I'll have time to enjoy it. It's not going to replace WoW, by any means, but it is another game that is REALLY fun. If you want better reviews, Ixo's is good and so is Samo's over at Hardcore Casual. So, anyway, here is the shot:

Yes, I'm playing a girl. I have a guy too, but he's not nearly as stunning :-).


  1. Woohoo! Hope to see you around the game!

  2. Yeah, I'll stay tuned when it comes out and we'll see if we can't get on the same server or something :-).