Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Mr. Postman.

Blahahahahah. I-wentandransacked-mymaster's-room-whenhewasn't-looking-and-found-copiesofthese-hiddenaway-in-his-sock-drawer. HeeHeeHee! NowI'll-publish-them-for-alltosee. He'll-besoangry! Haha! Whataclever-imp-I-am! This'll-teach-him-to-neglect-me-infavor-of-thatwhorish-succubus! Ohno-herehecomes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *Click*


Dear Fuubaar,

I apologize for not fully appreciating your clever ruse of stealing the throbbing organ that normally resides in my chest. A warlock like me can certainly appreciate the lengths you must have went to to nick it from me unnoticed. However, I'm noticing that it's absence is causing me some measure of distress.

I have rather enjoyed fighting by your side in the recent weeks. Your plate armor is oh-so-shiny in the light of my fire. It rather does compliment your exquisite form. I can't say that I normally meet with members of the raid team outside of the various dungeons we assault, but the fluidity of your combat prowess leaves me breathless. Perhaps we could meet in The Slaughtered Lamb the next time you're in Stormwind and share a drink, or even in a private dungeon of your choosing.

Anxiously awaiting your response,

P.S. - Please bring the heart.


Dear Fulguralis,

I'm a little curious as to why you, sir, feel that I have stolen such a precious object from you. A soldier of the Light would never steal! Rest assured that my own heart, however, is in its rightful place and presently racing out of its cage. Fortunately, I may have an idea of where we might find your Heart and I should be able to aid in that endeavor.

Let us meet one week hence in The Slaughtered Lamb and I shall assist you with locating your missing Heart.

With Hope,


  1. okay after we all get married, the cheesy RP stories really have *got* to stop.

    ::hangs head in self-disgust::

    Mine is even worse though. I just couldn't help it!

  2. In our separate, respective weddings... you swinger you. ;-)

    I'm actually leading up to something (which should cover my week long absence due to honeymoon instead of just being lame and saying "bbl guys").

  3. You know, if you brought your laptops...