Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malygos Was So Sure...

Last night 10 brave members of my alliance grabbed beers (some of us anyways, I find a bit of alcohol necessary for "wipe nights") and headed in to Malygos-10 to begin the slow and painful learning process. Not many of us had ever been in there, and very few of us had been past phase 1. None of us had beaten the big blue dragon.

We stepped in at a little after 10pm and nearly two hours later, we were chatting it up with Alexstrasza:

That's right, we downed that bastard. One night of learning. One kill. :-)

To give credit where credit is due,'s video on the Malygos strategy was crucial to enable me to lead this endeavor. Fuu and I watched it the day before and threw strategies back and forth so that when time came to put them in action, the only hurdle was my lack of elegance in explaining it to others via vent.

The funny part was we were just merrily learning along, making small progress here and there. Then, one try we found ourselves on drakes with about 3 minutes left before enrage (so I was pretty sure we wouldn't get him down in time). We put our drakes to follow one person (if you type /follow person, you can leave the group movements up to one cat, while the rest of you can purely focus on your rotation... a key if your group is having difficulty coordinating on drakes), and started going to town. The "30 seconds until enrage" warning came up, we just kept at it. We'd just spent about 2 hours wiping, what's another 30 seconds, right? (It's a testament to the attitudes of all involved that no one gave up or slacked when it seemed like we faced certain doom). At some point right as enrage was hitting, I died. I sighed and looked at his health... 10%, not bad.

Then he hit enrage and we still had nearly 8 other folks up. Now, Maly's enrage hurts, but it takes him maybe a minute to work through an entire raid of 10 people. As he started his killing spree, I watched his health, calling it out on vent... 9%, 8%, 7%, 6%... We had 5 people left. 5%, 4%, 3%.... 1 person left. 2%... 1%... Everyone is dead. No way, the 1% wipe, damn. But wait! He's still got DoTs on him! At this point the call goes out over vent for no one to release, he may die... and then... poof 0%. Vent explodes with cheering as all health bars on the screen read 0%. Talk about skidding our way into a victory. Alex shows up and... sound the horn of victory!

After releasing and running, we were able to get back in and distribute the loot, plus since we waited on the release we all got our achievements for this alliance first. Great job by everyone! Man I love group firsts!


  1. What an AWESOME story! Congrats on your first kill!

  2. It was truly glorious. That was easily one of the awesomest kills EVAR.

    Ful, everytime you copy and paste one of your blog posts over on the ega site, it makes me laugh. Lazy bum. Couldn't you perhaps write a slightly less "from the desk of Ful Guralis" perspective for the ega site? Or even better actually, just link to your blog for the details. I'll do the same. More traffic and ega love.

    Also I'm a bit pissed you got to post this before me. I was totally counting on your "no weekend posts" rule.

  3. @J-bell

    Two things:
    1. I don't want to "force" anyone at EGA to come to my site to read about themselves. Call me crazy, but I've just always tried to avoid being like "read my blog" (except to people who's opinion I really want). I guess I just want people who are curious about the content to stumble in or something. I don't know, whatever all that means.

    2. I have to get the picture on the net somehow to get it on the EGA site since it doesn't have picture hosting. Thus, I always try to get it up on my blog ASAP, sort of killing two birds with one stone. I used to just cut out all of the blog post and leave the picture, but then I thought people might like to read what I wrote anyways. I could definitely make it more personal... but I like to think of it as posting about how we're "making headlines", even if it is the headlines I created. I sort of compartmentalize blogger and officer... *shrug*

    And yes, I win for getting this up first :-).

  4. Hahahaha. Oh my god, such an awesome way to get a kill. My guild has definitely had kills like that - I'll die, and think aw crap, there's one healer down, ok, who do we have left up - and I'm watching the boss's health go down slowly.... and then a little MORE slowly, because more people are dead... and then he's at 2% and he enrages, and we've got like, I dont know, a little gnome mage furiously throwing fireballs at it, and a holy priest running on 0 mana is trying to spam Flash Heal or whatever on the ret paladin who is now trying to tank, and TOTALLY not succeeding... and then 1%.... and the gnome mage is really going at it!.... and then... thennnnn..... 0% DEAD!

    Ahhhhh I love those kills.

    Also - neat blog. I'm trying to expand my repertoire of blogs that I read, and I like having a good warlock blog on the list.

  5. I will try to find a politically correct and better way to say what I meant about the ega postings - but it should likely be discussed more privately :)

    That malygos win made my weekend... almost!

  6. @J-belle - I'm sure you were just giving me snark and I decided to make a point out of it. We do that sometimes :-).

  7. That was an awesome story... fancy a lock watching their opponent going down under dots...