Monday, June 1, 2009

Lazy Link Monday

We've been losing a lot of big blogs lately, but a lot of great new ones have been popping up. I thought I'd share a little link love with some of the new stuff I've found over the past couple of weeks.

Leading off we have, Pierre @ Leading A Guild - As he defines it: "This isn't going to be two posts about how to get signatures to start a mediocre attempt at a raiding guild. This is about building communities and improving the lives of everyone you come into contact with." I think we can all agree with such an auspicious goal, and he's got some great posts up to boot.

On deck, Jessabelle @ Miss Medicina -Good friend, player, and commenter. Fellow EGA member and great healer. Not to mention quite full of snark. She's guest posted here and I already know she's a great writer, so I have equally high expectations for her blogging endeavors. If healing is your thing or you just want to pick up a thing or two from the other side of the role road, I'd check j-belle out.

In the hole, Draxi @ The Noob Lock - A new 'lock blog? What's not to love? I always like to encourage more 'locks to get in on the game. Stop by and encourage him to keep writing!

Batting clean-up is Tel @ Raid Knight - You set 'em up, he'll knock 'em down. Seriously though, I've seen this new blog linked on several sites now and wandered over for a read. I don't tank on my DK but that doesn't stop his posts from being exceedingly well written and just over all a bunch of fun. So far, he's good for a lawl in just about every post and I look forward to more out of this camp.

Finally, while not a blog, I've been power levelling engineering on my DK lately (spending all that money I got from getting Ambassador through the tournament), and apart from the wowwiki "economical" training guides, I found some great ones at The Noob School. They also have a very basic collection of specs, but the profession guides really seem to shine. I didn't much like the wiki for mid 300's engineering (wanted me to get like 900+ pieces of Fel Iron Ore), and this is where I went for a viable alternative. It's definitely going to go in my "resources" section over there...

Now, back to reading and commenting :-).


  1. leading off... batting up... in the hole? What does it all MEAN?

  2. Hah, after reading your blog for a couple of months, I just realized we play on the same server. I enjoy the blog a great deal, maybe we will meet in game some day :)

    -Frem, 80 Ret/Holy Paladin
    -Larixie, 77 Aff Lock

  3. Cool! Definitely feel free to say hi! :-)