Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DoTs Strike Again!

In the continuing trend of laziness due to lack of time, I'll let the picture I took tell the story this time. Once again, DoTs saved the day. That and our evasion tanking rogue (as you can see from the conversation below). Definitely a team effort to avoid failure :-). For some reason, it's these type of kills that I like the best; when you're on the edge and just barely pull it out through good play and quick thinking. We're still learning a lot of these fights, but this is why I like playing with the group we have: the cheers and warm fuzzies that go out after a kill like this. Here's the pic:

Merely a Flesh Wound, Indeed.


  1. Well done, sir, well done.

    I like these kinds of kills myself... something about the "omg I can't believe we just did THAT" makes the "unconventional" kills soooo satisfying.

  2. LOL... like our Malygos kill. Awesome.

  3. /hopes the ghosts didn't release prior to the boss actually dying

  4. Last night's Thorim kill was similar, he dropped just as the last of our four tank breathed their last xD

  5. Lol total win!

    Reminds me of way back in the Kara days when we killed Prince with one of our locks Curse of Doom going off with just him alive.. of course it spawned a Doomguard which tore his ass apart so it was still a wipe. Still a win in my book though.