Thursday, June 11, 2009

DK Frost "Tank" Glyphs and Other Tales

J-belle hit the news on mounts, which I also will greet with mixed feelings for all the reasons she outlines. I wonder how much lowering the cast time will screw up BG's. Probably not much, but I've been know to definitely try and stop someone from escaping on their mount, which a lower cast time might make more difficult.

Nibs continues her great coverage of the Mountain Dew Battle-bots. I got mine last night and will try to fuel it up for the raid tonight (just for fun, mind you, since it's not like it'll do anything in the raid). So far, she's been spot-on with all her instructions.

For my part, I ran the PvP daily (Arathi Basin), chatted with guildies, and ran Fuu and her levelling companion (a RL friend) through Blood Furnace. I also finally glyphed up my Frost tanking spec. I didn't really give it a whole lot of thought (because I really only go tank when I'm running other people through things, and then it's mostly because it gives me more abilities to keep mobs off of other people and generate threat better). Here's what I did:
If you're actually tanking Frost (not just casually doing things that are beneath your gear level), there are a bunch of other useful glyphs you'd probably want to look into. However, I always try to glyph things that I'll get the most use out of, and these reflect my play style. The more I play Frost, the more I realize it is overly dependant on Frost Runes, resulting in the "clunky" feel I've mentioned before. Still, it's burstiness for PvP and low level crap is great. I love Howling Blast, especially with the diseases.

Eventually, if I get more playtime on my DK and/or get pressured into tanking, I'll probably respec my tank spec to something more blood or unholy oriented. Those seem to lend themselves to cleaner rotations. For now, though, I'm just having fun with it and enjoy the utility of a Frost Spec. HB + Glyph of HB + Chillblains in PvP ftw.


  1. Awww. Did you have to pay for those glyphs? You know I will always give you free glyphs whenever I have what's needed. I'm trying to force inscription to be useful.

    In other news, me posting about mounts at 5am was sort of an ironic revenge for you beating me to the punch about Malygos on Sunday! I may not wake up until 2pm on Sundays, but I wake up at 2am on Thursdays!

  2. Yeah, random J-belle sleeping schedule is random right now. Miss you in raids though. I'm trying really hard to get the days switched.

    And I have the money. I didn't really know what I wanted anyways, it was more of a "going to the store" type of feeling than an "I need this now". *shrug*

  3. Gotcha, no biggie. J-Belle is all about the random schedule.

    Unrelated - I noticed when i was looking at comments on my post, that it showed you had linked to it. Does your blog show when i link to one of your posts, or is there something special i need to do?

    zomg teh interwebs is HARD!!!

  4. I hadn't enabled "back links". I probably should since it's kinda fun, so I did. We'll see if that fixes it. I'm pretty sure that's what it is. (my end, not yours).

  5. Hello admin,

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  6. Currently, no. I'll contact you outside of this with the information you provided to give you a more detailed answer.

    The short version is that money isn't really a consideration of why I do this. I don't have a problem with advertising for things I think are worth it, but I haven't put that much thought/work into this yet.

  7. this is for an aoe tank.. wherez glyphs for MT ?

  8. Hmm... well with the changes coming in the x-pac it'll completely change all my choices. I haven't done a lot of MT'ing. I believe there is good Rune Strike glyph though. I would say pick that up and get rid of either disease or HB glyph. I believe there is a good unbreakable armor glyph too that increases the duration of the effect or something. It's been a while since I've looked this stuff up, so forgive me for being vague.