Thursday, June 4, 2009

DK Frost Spec PvP

If you wanna know what spec I'm rolling with, see here, and I have to say that I love this spec for PvP battlegrounds. I pwn face in there. Chillblains is probably one of the funnest talents for PvP ever. It's funny when people are all trying to do their jumpy, I'm-having-a-seizure-on-my-keyboard dance in slow motion and you just hit them with an Obit and Frost Strike for nearly half their health. Dance away from that!

I must update though, that I've tweaked my rotation just a bit since last we spoke. I had mentioned that in PvE situations I'd been rolling with something like: HB > PS > OB > BS > FS. I realized I was missing out on my Icy Talons bonuses though so I've been trying to find a way to get Icy Touch back into my rotation. It's actually making me re-think the wisdom of taking that howling blast glyph. For now, I'm going to stick with it.

As a result of my musings, I'm not using something more like: IT > PS > OB > BS > FS. I throw in a howling blast any time the OB talent procs the free blast, or just whenever I feel like some AoE burst will serve me better than a single target rotation. For AoE I probably look more like DnD > HB > whatever runes I have left. However, both rotations feel clunky to me. I just feel like any way I slice it, I'm leaving out important spells. I just don't have enough runes. It helps, however, once I am able to get my death runes chugging, but still, I feel it's not enough.

The thing is, though, that in a PvP battleground, you're rarely able to settle into a "rotation". Therefore, its more of a priority based system in my mind. I like to get chillblains up ASAP, so that means using IT or HB right off the bat. Usually I drop a DnD even before that though, just to get it going as well. A lot of times I also start out with the ubiquitous Death Grip and Icy Chain method to stop people from running away. I love that.

In any case, its obviously situational, but those are good thoughts to have. My next goal is to slap a PS on them and OB as soon as I can. Then I try to use a FS to "finish him" (said in mortal kombat voice). Usually I can get off an OB and FS to get them about to half health before starting over with some IT, PS, then FS ftw. It's rather unorganized though and really just depends.

Also, it's great to pop all my damage reduction cooldowns as a frosty and watch as people get pissed when my health fails to drop as quickly as theirs. Reviewing my spec, I believe I've actually changed that a bit too... picking up deathchill for PvE. I'm not sure what I dropped. Unbreakable armor is another one I'd probably want to pick up for PvP as well.

If anyone has any rotation advice on how to get these things to mesh up, let me know. For now, I'll continue working with it and semi-facerolling my way to victory.

Trick of the Trade: if you're doing Warsong Gultch and you're alliance, try running the flag to the far right side of the map. Everyone apparently likes to run down through the tunnel and then they get mobbed on the far side. I can't tell you how many times I've just taking the somewhat longer but far sneakier route behind the fence and foliage on the right side and never been hit. It's almost like cheating and usually totally worth the extra distance. In either case, it's definitely fun, which is what I'm doing BGs for in the first place.

Before I finish today, I wanted to point out that I didn't ever really address the mini-patch we had on Tuesday. To be quite honest, it just didn't have much to talk about. Chaos bolt was nerfed which pisses a lot of warlocks off, but doesn't really affect the afflictionados out there. Also, DK tanks got frost presence nerfed which doesn't really affect my DPS-love either. Both are noteworthy changes, but I didn't really pay attention to them because I've been busy elsewhere (yes, I now have the Crusader title). In any case, if you want a full and faithful reproduction of the notes because you haven't seen them already or can't get them at work, go here. I just don't have much to add in the form of commentary.


  1. Running the flag down the horde's tunnel is meant only for premades where you have the ability to completely dominate them. And even in that case, you only want to do a tunnel run and go through the middle of the field if it is your intention to only walk...and walk further brag of your dominance. Otherwise, stick to the sides like a good little flag runner...mkay?

    Warlocks got nerfed? Didn't notice. /cackle /love2afflict

  2. I agree, but apparently most people don't think like that on my group of BG realms.

  3. You really should never START with death grip you use that for after they have gotten away from you in some way like a hunters thing or a mages blink or warlocks tele or even druid getting cat form and peacin out

  4. Great point. This is a rather old post and I've learned that lesson since then. TBH, I generally try to suck them in using LOS more now, or a well placed silence (saving brain freeze - as i like to call it - for later lockouts). A lot just depends on the class you're going up against. If they have some sort of disengage, you definitely want to save your death grip.