Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming To A War Theater Near You...

Lately I've been running a lot of BG's on my Death Knight. PvP isn't so bad once you start getting some gear for it and figure out what you're doing. I mean I'll still get steamrolled by damn rogues that get behind me or a crit heavy caster, but I can hold my own for the most part. I think it's key to remember that Blizz isn't balancing the classes so that you can 1v1 and be even. It's probably more valid to think of it like a 3d game of rock-paper-scissors. Sometimes you're the rock, sometimes you're the paper, and sometimes you're scissors.

Then, sometimes you're fire... burning the paper, melting the scissors, and... doing something to the rock that defeats it too. Fire beats everything.

The point here is that you'll learn real quick where your class' weaknesses are. You can try to minimize them, but if you're a rock and paper comes up to you and knows you're rock, they're going to beat you. You can prolong it (which sometimes gives time for your buddy scissors to show up), but you're automatically at a disadvantage. I'll tell you what, I sort of like that about the game. There really is no way to perfectly balance a game of this complexity for 1v1, but I think, in general, the overall balancing in a BG is pretty fair. Some of the recent patch changes have subdued the burst slant they'd had, though it's still there, just not as bad, IMO.

So, if I've been running all these battlegrounds, imagine my excitement when Blizz released details for a new BG.

Reading over this, I have to say it looks pretty sweet. Granted, some people may not like the vehicle thing, but I think WG has shown, overall, that the concept is pretty popular. I tend to enjoy Strand of the Ancients quite a bit as well. We have every reason to expect that, true to Blizz form, this BG will be well done (perhaps a bit bugged out of the box, but well done nonetheless). I'd like to call attention to one key paragraph of the write up:

The Airship Hangar: This sturdy steel structure stands on the peak of Mt. Conquest overlooking the eastern side of the island, allowing players to board the airship docked there. This devastating weapon of war is capable of raining death upon the heads of your enemies and destroying enemy defenses. Once onboard the airship, players will find it comes equipped with parachutes enabling a strike team to drop into the enemy keep from above.

...You had me at "strike team".

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