Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Blizz Behemoth

Work is busy today so I don't have a whole lot of time for a "good" post, but I will point you to Nibs latest plug for a well thought out ad campaign by Mountain Dew. Seriously. Highly caffeinated bevey, two competing cult favorites, in-game pet... epic win. I'm not usually too keen on advertising as a rule of thumb (who likes to "be sold"), but, like the Super Bowl commercials, I sometimes come across marketing tactics that make me smile and laugh rather than feel abused.

This is one of those ads. Now, I don't care so much for the other prizes to click-grind or anything, but it seems that the pet is free. I'm sure there is more planned to go with it to encourage you to buy, but I've been putting in Coke reward codes for ages when there's nothing really I care for (I'm going to drink it anyways, right?). If they do something where I can drink Pepsi products and get cool WoW stuff... like totally win amirite? Besides, Diet Dr. Pepper is pretty much a roller coaster on meth in my mouth. There are so many flavors! I still can't believe its not Diet (or butter for that matter).

In any case, well played Pepsi. You've certainly stirred up interest, and that's what marketing is all about, right? I feel so validated as a member of a large community right now.

The only snag I've hit so far is that I have to finally take the plunge and set up a account to merge my WoW account in. I never really had any qualms about it since I was a huge'er back in the days of Starcraft the orig. In it's day, it was a pretty sweet online gaming experience, at least IMO. In any case, I might as well get on board with the giant Blizzard that looms on the horizon; a vast pinion of nerddom poised to lord over the industry. WoW was only the beggining folks (or, for that matter, was), soon Fergie will be spelling out blizzalicious in her latest solo sojourn. And that, dear friends, is quite a mouthful.

(If you were more partial to yesterday's fare, Abi shares his thoughts here. Apologies about the Blogger block... Google's taking over the world anyways... Google and Blizz... Goolizz, or maybe Bloogle. You heard it here first.)


  1. I've been wondering, but haven't ever asked. What is the shindig thingie anyway?

  2. Blizz's other games have an online component to go with their single player potential. The service that hosts all that crap is

    Similar to like the XBoxLive network or whatever I would think is a good analogy.

  3. Why is this labeled under Pally power? I didnt write it nor does it have anything to do with my kind.

    Remove it at once or I shall taunt you a second time!

  4. If you use an authenticator, do you have to sign up for a account?

  5. Jess, I haven't done anything yet with but I do have the Authenticator.

    If that answers your question.

  6. It does! Thanks! I have an authenticator which i haven't started using yet...

  7. @Fuu - b/c Pally Power was right above "Fun" and I was in a hurry. It's fixed now.

    @Jess - No, but to get the free pet it appears you do have to have your WoW account "rolled into" a account. As Blizz says, can be thought of as a "keychain" that holds all of your Blizzard gaming accounts. You can use a key without a key chain. If you ever "roll" your account over, you can bring your authenticator with it as well.

  8. Key chains are handy if you can find all your keys to put on where are those stupid cd cases.....hmmpfh 2 boxes down, 15 to go

  9. I actually wouldn't go so far as to call the ad campaign "well thought out". They have had problems and holes you could drive a truck through. (not allowing EU folks to get the pet.. bugs with their implementation, etc)

    Still.. it's innovative.


  10. Yes, innovative is probably a better word in retrospect.

    Also, Dr. Pepper isn't exactly a "Pepsi" product either. It's regionally dependent as far as who does the bottling. At least that's what I've been told.

    I'd be interested to see if any other corporations follow suit here... the potential for "in-game" advertising is enormous if the player numbers are to be believed. I would hope Blizz moderates too, since Billboards outside of Stormwind would look rather tacky.