Monday, June 22, 2009

Affliction Warlock Update And Addon Suggestion

I realize it's been a while since I've talked about anything that's truly afflicted. Between alliance politics and DK PvP'ing, I've pretty much only been raiding on my 'lock. I've been doing a lot of raiding, but there hasn't really been anything to report. I'm still using the same specs, glyphs, and rotations that I have bookmarked over there on the right of my page.

A lot of warlocks have switched over to Destro, and for good reason, but that's never been my bag. I'll sometimes swap over to my Demo spec on add wave heavy fights (like Gothik), but even then I miss my affliction. I've gotten a little better at leading off with a life tap to make sure to get that free buff up early, but otherwise just weave it in as needed. I don't play cleanly enough to insert it in at a specific point in the rotation; just have to be flexible with it.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Ulduar, even though we've started the first few bosses as I evidenced in pictures last week. I can offer one trick for Loot Leviathon: If you're the one being launched up there, pull out your phase-shifted imp before the fight. He won't die when you're doing your superman thing, and he follows you on the ground giving your cyclists a good indication of where you're going to land. Sometimes it's easier to look for the grounded imp than the flying warlock. Hell, you can even mark him. I'm sure he'll love that feeling of importance. Other than that I haven't found anything too tricky yet.

I am playing around with a new warlock-targeted addon called ForteXorcist (or Fortex for short). Lodur over at World of Matticus wrote a post recently about it that brought it to my attention. I figured I'd give it a whirl.

I have to say, there are some really nice features in it. The best is that each feature can be independently disabled and enabled based on what you want. This allows me to slowly work some of the features into my play without overwhelming me right off the bat. It also is nice that I can turn off stuff that is covered by my other warlock addons like Necrosis. I think the most helpful thing it does for me right now is provide a summoning helper that lists all the folks in the raid that aren't near you. This can be useful for warlocks and raid leaders a like.

It also has a fairly easy to use buff/debuff timer that is great to use as a backup to X-perl. I've always like the large, number inscribed debuffs that are part of X-perl, but sometimes they seem to wig out and disappear or stack on top of each other, making it really hard to see. The built-in necrosis timer doesn't really work for me either (it always seems slow). Fortex's timer is pretty good. I'm also finding it helpful that it shows the duration of my self buffs. This is a great tool for watching your life tap spell power bonus.

The cooldown timer is nice to have as well. I find that I use it on both my DK and my Warlock, and there are some benefits to each. So, if you're looking for another addon to play with, I'd definitely recommend it. It seems highly customizable and helpful for anyone who uses spells with durations or cooldowns (who doesn't?).

That's about it from here. Are there any Warlock issues/questions out there that I'm unaware of at this time? From what I read, the Warlock community seems pretty quiet and content right now. We may get a couple of changes with the new patch, but I'll wait 'till it goes live to speculate, and there will always be a few QQ's. However, as a class on the whole, I think we're pretty solid right now. In any case, Blizz seems to be pretty focused elsewhere.


  1. I also use FortExorcist - swapped to it from DotTimers about a month ago. I really like it. (I also use it on my Shadow Priest).

    I understand your love for Affliction - but personally I seem to do much better as Destro. The only fights in Ulduar where I run affliction are Ignus and Yogg'Saron.

    Good luck to you in Ulduar!


  2. Yeah I like it, and I hear you on the Destro spec. There are just a lot of affliction-un-friendly fights in Ulduar I feel. *shrug* I may eventually give up my demo fun dual spec for a destro dual-raid spec.

  3. As a raid leader, I would suggest using your X-Perl raid frames with the range finder enabled. It lets you keep an eye on how the rest of the raid is doing (early deaths, who's rezzing, who's not here...). I keep that up as a healer, and I've found it very useful while tanking too. I wonder why it sometimes feels like I know what's going on before the raid leader.

  4. Yeah, I'm definitely a fan of X-perl... and this doesn't really replace that, but sometimes the debuff thing seems to bug on mine, so its more of a backup. There are several other good features too, that's just one of them.

  5. I'm really in love with Power Auras on my Warlock and plan on creating a post that explains the addon in detail and how it can be used for different things. I mainly use it for execute phases, decimation buff procs, etc., but it's very VERY handy.