Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Man Eye Of Eternity, Malygos Tips and Tricks

Having successfully killed Malygos this weekend, I wanted to relate a few tips and tricks that we used that may or may not be helpful. I know I'm probably behind the general progression curve in the world... of warcraft, but I'm sure there are plenty of people still wanting to down the big blue.

I'm going to assume you have a basic familiarity with the fight. That is, you've either watched the tankspot video I linked yesterday, or read up on it on wowwiki or something. So you know that it's a three phase fight and most of the major attacks.

Phase 1
Recall that this is the spark killing phase. I've seen several different ways to do this, but I believe the most effective way to manage the sparks is to have your entire group sans tank stack up in the middle of the platform. Then your tank will maneuver the boss so that wherever the sparks spawn, they must pass through your group to get to Malygos. Then you can assign one other person to be on "spark duty". Preferably, this person has some sort of rooting ability. We used a DK for the death grip/ice chains combo that is very effective in getting these sparks to the same spot.

It seems to work out that you will have to kill two sparks after every cyclone attack. Thus, at the beginning it may be good to pop heroism if you have it, since everyone can focus on DPS until that first cyclone. While you're in the air, the tank and spark master need to orient themselves so they know, upon hitting the ground, where to go. Then, once the spark gets over the group, the spark master will root it and call it out on vent so that the DPS can open up on the spark to kill it fast. If you have enough ranged (for us two mages and warlock), it's good to not make the melee leave. The sparks have 12.6k health in 10-man, so you want to have high DPS'ers who can ideally two shot the spark since you really have about a 3-5s window depending on your rooting.

After you've killed two sparks, stand in the blinky stuff and DPS until the next cyclone, then rinse and repeat. Healers will have to be sharp with all the falling damage, but a few lightwells can help that too, just have everyone clicky once they land. This is a rough phase for the tank especially, as there is a lot of movement, so watch your aggro until everyone gets comfortable.

Phase 2
This is the bubble hopping phase. There aren't very many tricks here, just stay together going from shield to shield while killing adds. Put your highest melee DPS on the saucers first to get them up in the air. It might not even be a bad idea to get a ranged up there (depending on how much melee you have), especially one with dots to help support your melee. The key here is mostly staying alive. When all the adds are dead, you'll get back to the main event.

Phase 3
There's something about flying and trying to fight that just blows people's minds. If you're a casual raider like myself, chances are you're going to have 8 out of your 10 people feel completely lost on a drake. It's hard enough trying to get used to new buttons without having to also coordinate movements like some perverse aerial ballet. There is a simple solution for all of this: /follow! That's right, you can set people on follow for this part. This means you really only need one person who feels comfortable moving and fighting to keep your entire group clear of the lightning storms. During the animation where you're falling onto the drake and Malygos is talking shit before the fight resumes, it's easy to just type out /follow player. Then all you have to worry about is hitting the right buttons. Simptastic!

You definitely want to follow the player (type their name and not the drake, so selecting can be tough... typing ftw) and decide on the player beforehand so everyone knows. You could probably even work out a macro, but there is just enough of a window that it's not really detrimental to just type. This trick makes the third phase a piece of cake. Then you can just focus on your spells (as long as you take care not to move), and not worry so much about positioning or getting lost with the controls. For dps, its 1,1,1,1,1,2... repeat (five combo points from the basic attack followed by your special at full strength). You should also hit 5 any time he targets you (DBM will announce), which will pop your shield. Healers will be using revivify in the same way, stacking five and then hitting their AoE heal. Keep in mind, that should things look bleak, any of your DPSers can also hit their AoE heal with combo points from DPSing to "save the day".

Remember you have a 10-minute enrage timer to beat, and at this point you may be around the 3-minute mark (that's where we were). It's doable, but we cut it just about as close as you can get :-).

Dead Dragon!
Once you get this fight down, it doesn't seem nearly as scared as it did at first. If, like us, you happen to wipe and the dots take Malygos out, let Alex do her talking thing and make sure you get your achievement before you release to run back for loot. Rest assured though, the loot will wait on you if this happens. Same with the quest item. They take the form of a blue heart and a red crystal floating in the middle of the room in front of Alexstrazsa. Very trippy stuff.

So hopefully there are some things in there that might help. Also, if you know of other tips or tricks, feel free to leave some comments!


  1. Because of the massive increase in DPS provided by sparks, our group(s) typically wait until after the first vortex to pop bloodlust when we have it in the group. That gives the tanks more time to establish solid aggro on Big Blue, and then we can get 2 sparks on him and go crazy.

    After some practice, you can probably assign a single burst DPS to handle the spark. In our group it's the destro lock (/flex) since an immolate/conflag combo followed by anything will 99% of the time have killed it. Also, we rarely have a DK with us, so we've had to improvize.

    Phase 2 we now start off keeping all ranged DPS standing where they are (usually still in a spark) and pwnerating one or two flying scions before they rejoin the group in the bubble. That removes a lot of the aoe damage going on at all times.

    Finally, phase 3, we go with the typical method of assigning 8 dps and 2 healers (sometimes we get cocky and go 9 dps and 1 healer). The dps essentially tries to get as many stacks as they can on the dragon (1-1-2-1-1-2-1-1-2...) while the healer(s) spam the aoe healing constantly.

  2. Yeah, that's the second thought I had, but we were clean enough to consistently stack the sparks, so we probably only ever had at most one. Which is partly why I'm amazed we beat it :-). That's a good tip though for when to use DPS cooldowns. I think we can both agree that it should be done in phase 1.

  3. As the goat said, for DPS you definately want to get as many stacks as you can, as quickly as you can, while sustaining those stacks for as long as you can.

    So while doing a 1-1-1-1-1-2 would provide you the longest stack, it knocks out the as quickly and as many options. Doing a 1-1-2 seems to be the best option for more DPS, since the damage output is based on how many stacks you have for how long (and ofcourse the quicker you get there, the quicker the boss dies).

    I know how awesome a kill can be when no one is left alive can be, but I'd rather not push my luck and just blow the guy up! :)

    Grats on your kill! Looking forward to more firsts in the future!

  4. Yeah, it's definitely ideal to stack the sparks and stand in them and probably pop you cooldowns after getting a couple to stack. We had problems getting them in the right place (often just defaulting to "kill it now" mentalities, but steadily improved), which may be why we were so close to enrage :-).

    I'll have to try the 1-1-2 rotation next time. X-perl doesn't want to show me combo points for some reason, so I was pretty much flying blind... literally. I did the five and then two because it made sense at the time. I certainly haven't done it enough to know what's best.

    Good info from both of you for sure... thanks!

  5. It's been mentioned twice already but yeah, there is no need to build 5 full combo points before putting up your DoT since the amount of points only effects the duration, not the damage done.. but it's high risk/high reward since it'll burn through your energy much faster and sometime gib you when you get focused for the surge with no combo points or energy. Been there, done that, but its the fastest way to stack your DoT and drop his ass =D

  6. My guild just downed Malygos for the first time last night. We've been there several times before, but couldn't consistently get to phase 3 for drake practice. We got him this time on our fifth or sixth attempt.

    Unfortunately, I was healing on my shaman alt rather than tanking with my druid. The druid has the quest, but the shaman does not.

    Now I have to run heroic AN, Occulus and Drak'tharon Keep before I can wear my title.

  7. "X-perl doesn't want to show me combo points for some reason, so I was pretty much flying blind... literally."

    Aha, fellow X-perler, there is an addon that helps greatly with this. Of course, if I could remember the name of this addon it would be far too simple, wouldn't it... MalygosHelper? MalygosCP? AHA! Yes, something like MalygosCP or CPMalygos.. It shows you your current stacks and combo points and makes keeping them both optimized a breeze.

    I'm sure you can find proper guides to the 1-1-2 rotations, but essentially, have people squeeze a 3 in there whenever they can, every 2-5 rotations. If you spam really really hard, 1-1, and then a billion keystrokes of "2" while praying you get enough energy before your stacks fall, you should fairly easily get to 20 stacks. I tend to start off 3-1-2-1-2 and then go into a 1-1-2 rotation, and if miraculously I build up enough time that I see I can cast a 3, I do so before restarting 1-1-2. Trial and error, really, and the DPS completely ignores shields. We move and count on the healer AoE to keep us up. It takes some blind faith on the part of the DPS, too, and a commitment to keep the stacks up no matter what. 2 or 3 stacks up throughout the fight will most likely drop malygos as long as someone is alive.

  8. Good to know, I'll check that out.