Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where In The World Is...

...(are) my readers? The patch brough a big traffic spike in these parts as it appears that the world... of Warcraft craves some information on affliction warlockery. As any good blogger will tell you, reviewing your traffic is one of our favorite pass-times. There are plenty of tools and such out there that will give you an idea of where people are coming from, what they are looking for, etc, and it's always good to try to provide what the masses seem to want. For instance, I found that a lot of you were getting here via a google search for "3.1 Affliction Spec" or variations thereof. Thus, I made sure to bookmark those on the right side of your screen for future reference. Also, I'll be double sure to try my best to keep those links up to date if we get changes down the pipeline.

One of my favorite things to look at as I'm checking my traffic is the log of my last 100 visitors by world map. Yep, scary though it may seem, the interwebs know where about you're coming from, and that information is sneakily passed on to me. It's interesting enough that I wanted to pass the info along to you, so here's an image of my last 100 visitors by location:

The Purple Arrow is Trying to Show Me

I also got a rather nifty shot that shows the night/day where I am:

See You On The Flip Side

So I ask you, which one are you? Only share if you want to of course, but I think its fun. For an MMO, we have a pretty decent international spread. If I were Blizz, I might try hitting the South American and Russian markets though, right? Maybe even Africa. Or India. These folks NEED warcrack!!! Srsly, right? Massive Game is Massive.

/wave to my reader in Alaska. Hope you're keeping warm.

Sar, if you've been reading recently, I'll bet I can guess which one you are. I have a 1/3 shot... :-)

(The red dot is the last visitor, by the way, and the green dots are the last ten).

In other news, Samodean over at Hardcore Casual passed me a link for a piece he did in which he describes his Methodology of Succing. Er... his Art of Seduction... wait, that's not much better. He'll tell you how to control shit with your mind! Or her mind. Or body. Or something. *sigh*


  1. Some elaboration may be in order.

    I'm the cute white dot in Arizona, just to the southeast of those three California dots.

    They're pointin' at me. *nod*

  2. Detroit, Michigan here. I may or may not be one of those dots grouped around the Great Lakes area.

  3. I actually work for a nameless automotive supplier and I think I get routed up through Detroit actually... in reality, I'm a bit further south though :-).

    /wave @ Detroit

  4. There are too many actually's in that first statment. Oh well.

  5. I made a forum post on my guild site one time when I was very, very tired. I said the word "interesting" about 8 times in one paragraph.

    I work for an automotive supplier as well. Scary business at the moment.

  6. I -should- be in Toronto, somewhere up there in the frozen north... but I'm most likely routed through my nameless automotive company somewhere in the Texas area, somehow. I don't see the dots though. HRMMMM MEESTERIOUS!

    p.s. is that the google stat counter? Or what? I want to draw purty maps too!

  7. Keep in mind it is only the last 100 as of like 9AM this morning when I was writing this.

    The stats are from sitemeter. It's a third party thingy, I think (doesn't google own like everything though ;-) ).

  8. I *think* i'm the white dot in North Texas, but I usually read the posts through an aggregator. Pretty sure I've linked through in the past few days though :)

  9. post isn't showing up from #2

    I'm the white dot just south of the three diagonal green dots on the east coast. I can only see about 1/4 of my dot though...but I'm definately there!

  10. I'm hidden in a cluster.... bein' in southeastern Wisconsin and all. ;)

    The maps are definitely fun.

    And keywords.

  11. Hey! I'm one of those green dots in the midwest cluster not too far from the purple arrow. mwahaha.

    This is lots of fun. If you don't know what I do IRL, I... make maps. So this whole post has prompted me to start a World of Warcraft GIS (Geogrpahic Information Systems) project. Now to go to wowhead for some data....

    /end geek


  12. Sounds like spreadsheets to me! :-)


    Jess, do you have your entire wedding mapped yet?

  14. Well, no, I don't have it mapped but... I do have a spreadsheet XD


  15. I smell my point in germany ;-)

    That's my fav tool too, by the way.

  16. I dont know if Wordpress offers a similar feature but that would be awesome!

    I'm right under your dot (er, DoT?) in the stereotypical corn fields of Indiana! Most of my posts come from Carmel, IN while I reside in Indianapolis, IN.

  17. Hello! I'm that blib that covers Greece. :wave: