Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where did Fuu go? Oh Here I am :D

Hey Gang!

Sorry that it's been so insanely long since I've made a post but here I am :) Life has been uber crazy since 3.1 hit the fan. Not only in game but RL is just plain nutzoid!

In Game Madness:

- Playing with Dualspec & learning the ways of melee dps (lolret action): I still have yet to DPS in a raiding environment because of my Tanking Main. I've attempted a few times but we always come up short. :/

- Trying out all of the new dailies: I'm really enjoying all of the Argent Tourney & fishing dailies. The Wintergrasp Fishing daily is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Everyone flies into Wintergrasp and fishes right next to the flight path & NPC's. The opposite faction knows this little trick too but he doesn't know that when he comes over to instigate some cheap HKs, he's about to be beat down by 3-5 very angry fishermen with their fishing poles.

- Raiding: Fulguralis & I have yet to set foot into Uld. (except for last night he went without me) and be cool kids but our raiding guild isn't ready for that big step yet. We raid 2-3 times a week in 25-man Naxx to gear a few more people up so we don't get slapped in the face like noobs in Uld. I think I'm ready to tank it but I wouldn't mind replacing a few more pieces to be extra sure.

- The Back to Back Holidays: Noblegarden was cake only took me a whopping day to finish everything and get the title. Children's Week on the other hand has been proving itself much more difficult. I've finished everything except for that damn PvP crap! The Achievement: School of Hard Knocks makes me want to punt a puppy (or my orphan girl). Now, I've done all of these BG's successfully before but when everyone else has the same thing in mind, it becomes a cursing nightmare. I'll beat my head against a wall until I get my last 3 requirements then I'm taking some time off. Matron Fuubaar I shall become damn it!

Fulguralis finally told me that I wasn't allowed to PvP for a while.

- Recruit A Friend (or someone else's friend): Friday Night, I got a message from Fulguralis that one of his RL friends wanted to buy the game & do the Recruit a Friend to lvl up his first toon. So, motherly Fuu volunteers her time to be a good Officer & good Fiancee. I wanted to lvl something that I knew would be hard to do on my own so why not a clothie caster :)

Welcome Abigora! The new Shadowy Goodness.

After two days of goofing around and melting lowbie faces, I hit 23... and I'm addicted! I'm lvling with a paladin (which I cant help it to love). My major problem is that I keep running OOM on her. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can only put up a DoT and then wand for the remainder of the fight. I keep aggroing off of him if I use anything more than a DoT, so I fade & continue on my journey of DoTing and laughing. There are so many interesting spells at my disposal that do gobs of Damage. I can see this little lady being something that I will spoil. I picked up enchanting on her and I'm just not sure if I really wanna invest time into Tailoring.

Anyways, conclusion on in game is that I feel like I have so much to do and I'm running short on it :(

Real Life Madness:

- Wedding shenanigans: Well, the clock is ticking and Fulguralis & I are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (no... we aren't dying.) With a little over 2 months left until the big day, it's crunch time! Almost every hour of every day is accounted for. We did our gift registry at Bed Bath & Beyond (we wouldn't dare step into the Beyond section ahHHHHhhhhhHHHHH oh, here are the mugs) over the weekend and we actually had a great time together. Last weekend was flowers and you know Ful was pumped..... NOT. He was a good boy though and made it entertaining for me. We have meetings almost 3 times a week for something and most weekends are spent traveling to one of our parents houses for visiting.

So, that's what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks now. I was going to post about my new Tanking spec but it's not even that new. We got 1 new talent and it's not even all that cool. I'm still sporting a 5-60-6 MT raiding spec. If someone really is interested in my spec let me know and I can help you out. For now, I'm off! I promise I wont wait this long to post something fun :)

(because I know how boring Fulguralis can be... I'll try to save all of you from his warlockery drivel)

FOR THE LIGHT! (or shadow now?)


  1. Although I'm sad that you didn't roll a warlock :P I say... Welcome to the dark side /cackle

    A lotta stuff going on, that's for sure! The wedding will be here and over before you know it though and will be a blast. :)

    I was going to comment on something else... /taps head

    As for OOM, I had that issue on my baby shadow priest for a bit in the beginning. Wand is a great choice to combat that. I think once I had points into Spirit Tap it got a bit better.

  2. Yeah, I invested in that talent and I'm probably not being the most mana efficent...

    But wow, do things die fast when I get my little gubby hands on em'


    *clasps hand over mouth

    What was that?????