Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

If any of you were wondering where Abi went, he's now updating over here. His blog got blocked at work which, like me, is where he does his updating mostly :-(. His "new" blog is going to be more of a general information place and his old one will still exist (lots of good demonology stuff up there), but I just wanted to point this out. I updated my blog roll with Abi's new site and Larisa's new address for the Pink Pigtailed Inn (it appears that my feedreader is working better with the new one too, so that's good).

My alliance got down three wings last night (in one night, for the first time) and I was around 4.4k DPS on Patchy. Good times, great pace set by our tank, and an all around good night. It was our alliance's first downing of Thaddius, who is a bear on 25-man. I think Gluth is the hardest fight on 10-man, with Thaddius taking the cake on 25-man. It's just very hard to get all 25-people to preform that well without a single little lapse throughout the fight. Single lapses on Thad result in multiple deaths and usually missing the quick enrage timer. It's a pretty unforgiving fight.

Other than that, I'm going to try and catch up on some of my reading today... Oooh look, Nibs has a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow today, not sure what she's talking about, but Cptn. Jack running always makes me laugh a bit. Hmm...

(Aside: I may make my normal Friday IC post tomorrow as I believe Fuu is preparing something for Friday. So stay tuned, things may be a little crazy around here!)


  1. Thanks for helping me redirect traffic lol. It's a slow process to get the blog back in to what it was before but I've got nothing but time.

  2. No prob... it appeared to be a busy weekend for everyone.

  3. Hey hun, you might wanna add Destructive Reach's blog to the list of "expired blogs" now.

    They just announced that they are closing the doors.


  4. I don't really have a "list" of them, I just let them slowly slide to the bottom of my blogroll on the right side. It's kind of sad really, but since I only have the top ten recent posts displayed, it lets me know if they ever come back plus doesn't clutter up the page.

    In any case, she's only going on sabbatical, she may be back.

    It's sad that all of these folks are leaving. Summer and lots of focused gaming tends to do that. This is one of my reasons for allowing myself breaks to play other games and trying to stay away from *too much* regular play time.


  5. Actually that wasn't our first time downing Thaddius. I think it was our second, and possibly our third. The first week we ran it in 25 man we downed Thaddius - when lots of people were signing up. Then people started dropping like flies, and we werent able to down him again, because we were constantly having to pug people who hadn't seen the fight yet.


  6. okay, depending on the computer i use to comment on your blog, i can log on. grrrreat.