Friday, May 22, 2009

A UI that would make your Eyes bleed

(Hey, Fulguralis will be out of town all weekend so he has put this uber responsibility to entertain and wow all of you on moi. I understand that he's the writer between the two of us but Dear Lord please dont unsuscribe... he'll kill me when he gets back)

Hi All!

I have been seeing a lot of, "Here's my fancy UI" and then they proceed to have people oowww & awwww over it and be genuinely helpful to others. Well, this post will not be like that. I want you all to see the horrors that I get to look at during my oline experience.

WARNING: May cause serious trama to the brain. Please View with Caution!!!!


DEAR LORD IT BURNS! My retinas are peeling off as we speak.

Ok, here's the thing, this is actually an improvement over what it used to look like but I am FAR too embarassed to show you. I have been slowly trying to streamline everything but it's so hard to change from the old ways.

Here's my second confession... I'm a clicker! OH GOD NO!

The thing is, I've actually adapted so well with a clicking/keybinding hybrid that I just can't make myself create a macro. I know that it will make me a better tank and player but I really can't make the jump. I feel that my tanking rotation should be adaptive to any situation and if I have all of my spells "macro"ed I might not be able to use a spell when it's needed. How I have everything set up now is my key bound spells are things that I use constantly. Attack, Seal of Vengence, Holy Shield, Consecrate, and the "I'll smash this mob in the face & make it really angry" spells. The row above are things that I will need during random times (plus my judgements above my seals because well, that just makes sense) The further down the keys/ row of more situational buttons / Oh S%^$t buttons. On the Right hand side you see pally buffs/ taunts. My taunt buttons are large & in your face because you don't need them very often but when you do, you better not miss it.

Now I've seen other paladins that use macros but I just don't understand how they do it. There are just too many spells in our repertoire that I would like to use when I can throw them into my rotation ie exercism or Avenging Wrath (because who doesnt like wing?). I feel that if I made my rotation into a macro, that it would be inflexible (if that's even a word).

I've done some sweet feats of Strength with my clickery (you see what I did there? I took Ful's word & made it better ;)) I have successfully tanked Grobbulous walking backwards and been able to navigate the room & never lose threat & tank the dead side in the Harvester fight on 25-man (also if you see below, I was the MT for our alliances first full clear of 25-man Naxx last night as well). I feel that if I could do that then why would I need to make macros... where is the fun in that?!

Well ok.... I'm breaking down here. I see that clicking is really going to cripple my skills as a player in the long run and I dont want that. I want to strive to be a better tank and Johnny on the spot when it comes to situations where if I press the wrong button, I'll kill everyone. I don't wanna be that guy. I do my research and have the latest and greatest addons to assist me but maybe I'm just failing :( How can I make the transition from a clickery nooblet to an Epic tankidan? Here is my question for you. How did you make the "big" change from Home row to Macro City? If this came natural to you, what other habits have you picked up that you wish you could break?

Come on gang! Pull those skellies out of your closet and face them like the Hero you are!

PS: It will make me feel better :D


  1. I cannot for the life of me move with my keyboard in any way that doesn't decimate my dps (such as the strafing in malygos.) I am completely dependent on mouse movement.

  2. Truth be told, I don't make macros either. (Unless they are the kind that spam chat with ascii art.) I actually key bound all the spells I use to keys.

    So instead of macros...every spell in my book is on a bar somewhere...ugly...I know...but it works for me (wow ui ftw! /flame inc)

    Basically, everything in reach of my left hand is bound to something (as well as my 2 mouse buttons), and then what I don't use my pinky for, I bound the shift + {key} to as well. I made the shift to key bindings by pure repetition. Hours on hours of my spells never moving from the same spot. I can tell you where every spell a warlock can cast is on my screen, and what button (if any) is required to be mashed for it to cast.

    It's honestly like learning to type...except when I type...stuff dies! As Fulguralis says *fwoosh*

  3. @Hannah~ The only useful time that I've actually used Strafing during a fight was Grobbulous when someone else was tanking it & I was lolret. Every other time I try to do some fancy footwork, I'm auto running and mouse swiveling.

    @Nightzbane~ When I first rolled my paladin, I kept everything on my bars and just pressed shift to get to everything but when I panic I'll end up pushing something in that stop but it ends up casting something undesireable. "WHY AM I NOT HEALING MYSELF".... oh I'm pressing my seals. Corpse Runs= new keyboard set up :D

  4. Oh, holy cronk, if you think that UI is bad, mine would flat out make your brain explode.

    It is the TRUE reason that bin Laden is still in hiding.

    It is what actually made Romney drop out of the presidential race.

    Someone at Chrysler tried using it, and see what happened there.

    McG used it on his WoW account.

    Christian Bale saw it.

    Seriously, my UI has been weaponized. Classified. Probably going to fight the Taliban.

    If I can come to grips with my conscience later, I'll post a screenie.

  5. Here's my second confession... I'm a clicker! OH GOD NO!Omg. No way, so am I. :P

    But if you are looking for some tips on making the transition away from clicking (I can't quite bring myself to it yet.. hybrid works for me)....

    *goes off to search for some posts*

    Dammit, now I can't find them. I'd read some good posts about making the transition....

  6. well, let me know when you find this



  7. Ha-HA! Found it!

  8. My UI is pretty awful as well. I'm guilty of using the default action bars with fubar, a HUD, DBM, a dot timer and a cast bar but it doesn't look good at all. I'm a mouse turner so I don't click anything but buffs lol.

  9. By way of update, if you have a strong constitution you can view a screenie of my UI at the bottom of this post.

    Or go straight to it here:

    Go ahead, point and laugh. That's what it's there for :)

  10. lol @ Grimm 4 epic puns

    Watching her play makes my inner warlock cringe. Luckily, while she can see my screen, I can't see her's from where I'm sitting.

    I've pretty much been rocking the same setup I had in TBC. I've posted some macros in the past, just basically lumping spells together on keys.

    I think the best thing I've done which I'll have to start getting Fuu into is that when you start raiding on multiple toons, it can sometimes be tough to switch gears. I limit my temporary alt-induced noobishness (or TAN) by keeping the same "ideas" in the same places. That is to say my basic rotation is in the same area on each toon, my AoE spells, my buffs, my oh-shit buttons... all nearly on the same keys. It's still funny when I try to soul-shatter and end up death gripping though.

  11. @Fulguralis

    I do the same thing across 9 toons for pretty much the same reasons, though that only held up as long as my priest was focused on grinding.

    Now that I'm mainly healing in raids, I've started making tweaks (which is one reason my UI is such a wreck, I'm slowly moving things around and getting used to them). 'tis true - healing takes a whole different approach and mindset, different priorities, different info needed.

  12. Yeah, it's certainly not always practical. I.E. my DK has so many more situational abilities than my 'lock. Thus, I feel infinitely more cluttered when I play on her.

    AND I'm only ever DPS'ing for the most part (I can kinda tank heroics now, but usually don't need to, we're blessed with a lot of tanks it seems).

    The thought of me healing is so ridiculously backwards it's laughable. I think I'm just too mean to heal because I would let too many people die just to make myself laugh. :-D

  13. @Fulguralis

    I have a priest alt. Priest alt is for healing. I will let people die for a variety of reasons. Examples...Rogues who think they are tanks (your dodge luck will wear out soon and I'll /point and /lol when you die), mages (best class to corpse hump), etc.

    I will always heal a life tapping warlock...a simple renew is all we need...why do people hate us so?!?

    btw my word verification is boofish lol.

  14. @Fulguralis

    Bwhahaha, that's the fun part of healz ... if you die, is it because of circumstances, because the healer dropped the ball, or because the healer hates your guts? I'm not showing my hand on that.

    Instead of stealing the soul outright, we just gnaw on it a little.

    Kinda gives one perspective on why priests have both Holy and Shadow aspects (as well as Disc*crack*ipline)

  15. I never said it wasn't tempting... I'd just probably be doing it for the wrong reasons ;-).