Friday, May 29, 2009

RP: Maraudon

Last night, Tordun, the Dwarf, and I were trying to deliver these items that we snaked off of some stupid morons inside some cave in southern Desolace. The area was the home of many creatures that were not much weaker than us. But hey, we're on our 50th season now… we got this.

So, Tordun hesitantly stepped into the shadows of the cave feeding off of my courage. We walked up to the first elite-looking monster and he braced himself. I shielded him while he and I pew pewed that little plant down to the ground. Ok Ok, that wasn't so bad. We can do this. Next, a group of three of these foliage monstrosities. Tordun looked back at me with sweat on his brow. His expression of concern didn't make me falter in the slightest. I knew what I was doing and he was a paladin, he can take it. I shielded him from the initial attacks and cursed the mobs and watched.

Tordun's arms grew heavy and he started to slowly weaken while I tried to decide if I wanted to stop attacking. Oh man, he's really going down fast. I step out of my shadowy mist to save my friend from the plant fiends. I throw on another shield to save him from some incoming damage but I know that it wont hold out very much longer. They are swinging and ripping at his armor too fast. The small strength encouragements that I'm giving him just aren't cutting the mustard dogs here. I need to act fast or he'll be smashed!

A critical strike lands from one of my spells and the plant sways. Come on you stupid bastard! Hit the floor! Torduns's about to pass out when the final plant sinks to the floor and it's green tundrils curl up and stop. Phew! We look at each other and let out an uncomfortable laugh. I knew that there were other groups of these things and now I know we can handle them.

We creep into the adjoining room to investigate the next task at hand. Oh great! I've heard of these guys… slimes. They are slow and stupid but if they get a hold of you, they'll do the worst. I instruct Tordun to stay away from them and just watch the ranged master at work. Stretching out my arms, my knuckles crack. Watch this!

I see a small group of two and anger the closest one. I start to leech life from the ooze and I slowly watch my step backwards to avoid their violent tantrums of green goo. Their health is starting to drop… hell yeah! I'm doing it! Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tordun's face turn into a grin and he charges in. Stupid Paladin, you couldn't just sit back. He rushes in and starts to hack at the ooze to no avail. The green goo begins to corrode his plate and starts burning his skin. Persistent little dwarf isn't he. I throw another shield but I cant stop moving or I'll be caught in the goo's trap.

Well, I have a job to do and if he just wont listen to my superior intellect, then he'll just have to sit this one out face down in the dirt. Oh, here he goes; going… going….. GONE! I hear the moan of the paladin. The corrosive acid finally did him in. Focus Abigora, Focus. I'm running out of space here. The ground was cluttered with leaves & roots making it very hard to navigate. I see the first ooze start to bubble and squirt out. HA! I got one! It turned into what looked like a gelatinous goo mold on a picnic during the Summer festival in Tanaris. Success!

The second slime slides over his previous companion with his mind set on seeking his revenge. Tordun's spirit had left so I knew that was up to me to finish this on my own. My heel caught a hidden root and I tumble backwards into a bush. The thorns pierce through my robes and tug at my hair. I can see blood trickling down my arms and legs. This ooze just wont quit! I start to panic, kicking my way backwards through the bush. I'm such a goner. In my last ditch attempt, I curse him and shield my body. I don't know if this will hold but it must! My arms are aching from the cuts and scrapes but I found the strength to cover my eyes. I don't want to see this… my final moments before…

The world stopped. The pain that I was expecting from the Ooze never came. What the?! Is he too stupid to look in the bush for me? I lower my arm to see my attacker in a green pool. I inspect my robes to untangle my snags from the bush's grip. I can't believe I actually did it! I've never been able to succeed in such a battle before. This is what it feels like to hold the power of shadows in my soul. I LOVE IT!

A sigh of relief washes over me. As soon as I regained my thoughts, a small hand reaches out for mine. My eyes slowly followed the big burly forearms of the dwarf to his face. Tordun, having returned to his body, lifts me out and helps me bandage the scrapes on my arms and legs. He was such a great friend to follow me into this horrible place, and I let him eat dirt. As I look into his face, the only thing I could think about was that cute warlock that I had met in that tavern back in Stormwind. He was so… yummy. Next time I see him, I'll definitely buy him a Dwarven Stout.


  1. Well, I have a job to do and if he just wont listen to my superior intellect, then he'll just have to sit this one out face down in the dirt.I loved that line. :D