Monday, May 11, 2009

Release the Hounds!

Apparently, I should have seen Star Trek over the weekend... I didn't. I'm holding out to get the IMAX experience. I figure, if you're going pay $9 for a ticket to a normal screen, $3 extra for the big screen isn't a stretch. Might as well do it right, right?

Also, it is now beginning to be "officially" summer. That is, colleges are starting to release their charges back into the wild. As always happens this time of year, that means raiding schedules are going to be thrown completely out the window. Our alliance is already seeing a marked decrease in sign-ups, but hopefully we'll be able to keep 10 solid people and maybe try out Ulduar in the WoW "off-season".

Remember, summer season doesn't mean "bad guild". People always freak out this time of year when attendance naturally goes down. The summer is a great time to retool, clean house, and try some new things in the game. Try to approach it with a healthy mindset, and you might be able to save yourself some headache.

I know Fuu and I are doing our part in ruining attendance, since wedding planning is definitely cutting into a raid night this week :-(. I'm not sure which one of us is more upset, which is a large part of why she is awesome. Guys, marry a gamer. Trust me on this one. Not only will they, you know, play with you, but they're also usually great problem solvers. This can greatly aid the marital process. That, and lots of beer.

I'm going to try really a hard to squeeze out some content this week, but my evenings are shot with meetings, so it's going to have to be mostly done at work. I think I'm going to try and put my Affliction Pet Guide together without the numbers I wanted to gather. I know there is a great chart of the average pet DPS on Elitist Jerks, but I can't get to it at work to reference it. If someone could email that to me, I'd give you mad props. It's pretty sneakily buried over there in all the craziness though. I wanted to give some numbers so you could see how I'm making my decisions (since it has gotten a tad more complicated since 3.1 to choose), but I'll probably end up just throwing it out there so you can read, judge, and comment.

Apart from weddings, summer stuff, and writing, I also got myself sucked into a book. Currently, I'm reading The Belgariad by David Eddings. Wonderful fantasy series, and really my first delving into the genre (*gasp*, I mean, I'd done Tolkein, but who hasn't?). I haven't mentioned it before... but I LOVE to read. I'm freakishly fast at it too. Kinda like Superman, just not in tights. Oh yeah, and I'm still toying around with EVE online too, which is another fun distraction.

So, sorry for the randomness, but my brain is stretched right now!

And in case you're wondering, the Darnassus mount vendor is north of the bank and surrounded by tigers. I just got exalted with them and celebrated with an 80G Stormsaber. This is a very fast mount. :-)


  1. Random posts are random. And fun.

    So tell me, my fellow wower... how does one even BEGIN the wedding planning process? Because I'm totally at a loss. !


  2. Well... first shalt thou remove thine holy pin. Then, shalt thou count to three...

    Wait, wrong line. If you're gonna use a church, get in touch with the pastor there first. The two toughest things to book are the venues for the ceremony and reception, in that order. Get those locked up and you'll have your date, everything else falls into place based on that date. is a great resource with some helpful tools including a checklist. :-)

  3. Also, you will want to work out a budget. Once you know what your limits are, you can work everything around it. A word of advice, divy up things for others to do for you. My mom's going to be making my centerpieces and we had a friend make our invitations. Things like this will keep you sane (well sane is a relative term in this regard). Make sure that you & Darf keep doing things that you enjoy together. This will allow for some normalcy to stay there & allow for you two to be together that's not wedding related.

    Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Some of the tasks that must be done are down right horrible but you have to do it. Such as sitting on the floor stuffing envelopes. Watch a movie while doing it or drink high quantities of alcohol. If you choose the second part, be aware that your end product could be less than perfect.

    It will be a journey that you & Darf can share for the rest of your lives. Everything else is a cakewalk :D


    Fuu Fuu

  4. I got designated to be the invitation envelope licker...
    this is way more fun in wow...

    My advice: Do not procrastinate. Do not try and reach your spending limit...there will be many a charge that you do not account shoot low at first. (Unless you are like my cousin and marry into a stupidly rich family who put on some $200,000+ wedding/reception for their baby. I'm serious...they had a 20 foot long, 10 foot high ice shelf alcohol and oysters on the half shell for 700 guests...craziest thing I've ever been to!)