Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look What I Did

Did big bad tanky need a spanky? You betcha!

And yes, I had the felpup out because we had the most random mishmash of classes which didn't result in my buff being overrun. In fact, we had to rearrange the group so we could down Emalon after this because we didn't have the right combination of healers and tanks. Still, what a fun fight. I was just a siege gunner, mashing away at my buttons and potshotting helicopters. I can't say I'm quite sure about what exactly happened, as I was just along for the ride, but if you're a siege gunner, nail those copters and spam your cannonball for the ground folks. Good times.

Oh, and if the tank comes at you, try and get your shield up before his little bulldozer thing punches you in the throat.

In other news, for the huntard in all of us, I found a good post over at Windpaw's World. While this is most certainly directed at a hunter button masher, Windpaw makes a wonderful (if long winded) point. The short story: sometimes its better to take a deep breath and slow yourself down than to try to button mash through your rotation.

This should be a no-brainer for an unforgiving spec like affliction warlockery, but it's still a valid point. I know in PvP on my DK I'm hugely guilty of button mashing at times, but controlled key pressing will ALWAYS win out in the end. It's okay to waste some GCD as you're learning a new spec or rotation to get it right, instead of just trying to hurry up and beat a timer. You have to have DPS before you can maximize it. Remember that in your endeavors.


  1. Mogresh of Moon GuardMay 6, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    Grats on your kill. Unfortunately I think you are a little mixed up. Emalon is in VoA, and unless something went really really wrong with the battle for wintergrasp, you shouldn't have had siege vehicles there. I'm guessing you meant to type Flame Leviathan.

  2. Congrats on the kill -

    I hated the Flame Leviathan fight the first time my group did it - but I am beginning to enjoy it more each time we do it. We left two towers up last night - Lightning and Fire - it makes the fight a bit more hectic!

    I am finally starting to feel really comfortable with 53/1/17 - and I swapped my secondary spec to full Demo - just for fun, and to Tank Mimiron.

    I am really enjoying Ulduar. Six bosses down last night, we will hopefully push to Yogg tonight. While we have only reached phase two - I must say that fight reminds me why I like this game so much.

    Keep up the great posts.


  3. @Mogresh - I guess that isn't very clear is it? We actually went to VoA after just killing this one boss in Ulduar. That was what I meant to convey... we had like 1 tank and 1 healer for Leviathon which would never work for Emalon. I was just commenting on the absurdity of the group make up we had. That is sort of confusing now that I read it again though... *shrug*

  4. Although that would be an absolute riot if somehow the WG vehicles leaked into the Vault. XD

  5. Thanks for the link to the article. Since joining a fairly hardcore raiding guild, I realized I was crouched over the keyboard and not enjoying myself as much. I;m more relaxed, my dps has actually gone up and I laughingly call it the Zen of dps after reading that article. Thanks.

  6. :-) I'm glad it's helped you out! It's certainly good advice.