Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In those Sunny- D commercials, I chose the Purple Stuff!

Hey all!

As some of you may know, I've been lvling a shadow priest with the recruit a friend process. I must say that if you've ever wanted to lvl a toon as fast as humanly possible, this is your solution! We just hit 40 tonight and I got my shadow form! Now, I'm a real shadow priest! Tordun (my trusty pally sidekick) & I have just been ripping through everything. Our pair just works out so well that we take on red quests and kill things we shouldn't even attempt. It is really nice to create that sort of challenge so when we go back & do things that are our lvl, that seem too easy. When I started this process I'd only heard about it and I wasn't sure what perks you actually received from it. Abi over at Fear.Win was a massive pool of information and I'm very grateful for it. Here are some other perks that you get for doing this program:

For Recruit a Friend:
- 300% XP for all mobs & quest XP
- each person has the ability to summon the other to any location regardless of class
- the new person (the person who started the account) also racks up 1 lvl per his two lvls that he can "gift" to any of your toons that are lower & near that toon gifting it
- and it also makes for a great promoter for you to lvl that toon with that other person
- you will continue to get the perks for 90 days or until the "new" toon hits 60
- there is also a Zhevra mount that you will recieve once the New subscriber pays for 2 full months of the game.

I wanted to say thank you Abi for the great information & to Tordun for allowing me to use you as my meat shield. If you ever find yourself wanting to lvl something but knew that it was going to be too hard for you to solo lvl it, Recruit a friend!

For more information about the Recruit a Friend process, click here.


  1. My brother and I decided to try out recruit-a-friend since we had an overlapping week of vacation. We definitely loved it, but the trial account restrictions sucked a lot... he couldn't make enough gold (or silver or copper) to pay for all of his abilities, and even repairs were a bit difficult. We weren't sure if the level 20 cap still applied, but we ran out of time to test it. Did you upgrade the trial account to a full account right away to get around all the restrictions?

  2. I forgot to mention the upside of all of it: the reason he couldn't afford stuff was because we were just levelling way too fast =P. Considering we only played for a few hours total it was pretty ridiculous to be level 16 or 18 or whatever we ended up being.

  3. Nik,

    Yes, he actually signed up for the full account the same night as we started the Recruit a Friend trial. I would suggest that if you are serious about leveling your toons, your brother should upgrade to the full version of the game. You will be able to whisper him, trade with him, lvl his toon past 20, etc, etc. Plus, all of the cool stuff starts AFTER lvl 20 :D

    Good luck!

  4. PS: Yes, the 300% XP is rediculous!

    The quests weren't giving us enough upgrades to our gear so we would troll the AH for upgrades and replacements.

    My Priest is still wearing lvl 19 twink gear :P