Monday, May 18, 2009

DK Rotation Update

I recently picked up the Glyph of Howling Blast, which adds the frost disease to that attack. Since I was using IT mainly to apply the disease and HB hits harder (now regardless of diseases), I thought I'd replace it with HB in my rotation, giving me something like:

HB > PS > OB > BS > FS

I've gotta point out that my DK has never been a min/maxxing toon. That is to say, I've mainly tried to keep her easy and fun (ahthankyou), so I realize I don't have the perfect rotation worked out. However, old habits die hard and I think this rotation works out well for me.

The problem is that I can't usually OB the first time until I get some death runes into my rotation. Thus, I end up using more of a priority system that would go something like this:
  1. Howling Blast - to lead off and whenever I need to refresh the disease. More priority given to this in AoE situations
  2. Plague Strike - Purely to keep the disease up
  3. Obliterate - If I have the runes for it, I'll throw an OB in when my diseases have some time left. Also in this slot, for AoE I'll do a Pestilence and Blood Boil instead, weaving in OB later if the mobs stay alive that long.
  4. Blood Strike - When I don't have enough runes or runic power. I try to weave this in enough to keep one death rune around at all times.
  5. Frost Strike - Basically this is what I do when I can't do any of the above. However, I will bump this up in priority if I notice I'm capped on runic power.
This results in a pretty simple rotation that can be bound to the four keys I'm used to using on my Warlock. Thus, switching toons for me doesn't really make me completely noobish, as everything is in the same spots (just slight different feel).

I took this show into 25-man Naxx last night as part of a PuG effort that downed two wings. I ended up 4th damage done overall while my DPS was down around 8th, holding consistent at about 2.5k when not on buffed boss fights (i.e. Loatheb or Thaddius). Considering my gear (a collection of PvP purples and 10-man Naxx items, plus one green and one blue left), I think it was a pretty respectable performance.

The highlight of this toon is that, for me, it's pretty much the opposite of my Warlock's numbers. That is, I go up on trash and down on bosses in terms of DPS. It's actually more a lot more consistent than affliction warlockery (since trash kills you as an aff'lock), but the AoE burstiness of the build really shines on the Naxx trash pulls.

I think the rotation works, but was wondering what some of the rest of you might have done? Are you swapping out HB for IT if you snatch up that glyph?

Tricks of the Trade: Remember on fights like the Grand Widow, uncontrolled AoE is bad since you may kill the sacrificial lambs. Thus, for that fight I swapped back in my IT and didn't use HB. Don't be a death noob and accidentally kill the adds because you forgot that Howling Blast is, indeed, an area of effect attack.


  1. Not that this has anything to do with a DK...but...I wanted to give a progress report and a shout out of 'Thank You' to you and your blog's community.
    Since I started chit chatting with you all, the effective play or my warlock has significantly increased. A large part of this is due to gear upgrades, but what has put me above the other locks with the same gear (and frankly 98% of the DPS in the guild) has been the useful information located on this blog. So what is there to report you ask? Well...5.8k DPS on Patchwerk last night using Affliction Warlockery madness! In the last week, every destro or hybrid spec'd lock has been left in the dust...all asking me how I'm doing it. And in my opinion...that's how it should be.

    Go Go Affliction Warlockery!!!