Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cure For A (WoW) Hangover

Well, I'm back from my last weekend of debauchery and revelry as a bachelor. My best man rented out a house with a pool and we pretty much played lots of volleyball, drank, and were generally merry. It was actually a stripper-free (by request) party... so sorry to disappoint on the debauchery part. I must say, though, that the Nashville bar scene appears to be generally friendly to bachelorette parties. We went out a few nights and saw gaggles of giggling girls on nearly every corner and in every bar. It was almost surreal. I'm not too crazy about country music either, but there were some pretty talented bands playing there too. All in all, good times.

Which brings me to the gaming tie-in of the day. While I rather enjoyed my break from the world (both real and ...of Warcraft), I find myself a bit "hung over" when trying to get back in the swing of things. Now, normal hangover remedies may include a raw egg or even the hair of the dog that bit you, but how does one cure a WoW hangover?

I suppose that could be taken two ways. The first way would be when you play WoW for 48 hours straight at the expense of your sanity, your eyes are bleeding, and the bedpan is sorely in need of emptying. Okay, I'm not going to even go there, as bedpans just plain freak me out and I'm not sure I could do any ONE thing for 48 hours straight (but that's a personality thing and another post entirely, especially the bedpan part). For me, obviously I'm talking about the "out of touch" feeling I've experienced upon my return to both the game and the community. My reader rarely reaches its current number of 39 unread posts, as I try to keep up to date with what's going on. One weekend away though, and I feel like I'm a bit lost.

My question is, for those of you who have taken a "break" or just had RL aggro for a week or so, how do you get back in the swing of things? For my part, I just try to catch up on my reading, hammer out some words, and sign up for the next raid. Usually, logging in early for some dailies is a definite must before said raid, as I need to limber up my fingers (they are perma-pruned from the pool ya know).

Still, while I know I'll be back in the swing of things by the end of the week, the disconnectedness I feel upon my return is always profound and emotionally confusing. That is to say, for me, I feel that taking "breaks" are a double-edged 2H sword. One one bloody edge, it's good to get out, see friends, have experiences, and generally "unplug" from our normal lives. It can be refreshing, grant new perspectives, and be healthy for your mind and body.

On the other bloody edge, it can create a slightly overwhelmed feeling as you now have to face the things you've been putting off. Returning to a cluttered house, inbox, and to-do list can be stressful in and of itself, and such is where I find myself on this lovely Mon... Tuesday morning (yay for short weeks!).

The Cure? Kel'Thuzad's head on a plate for the second week in a row. A tall order to be sure, but I blame that bastard for every alcohol induced headache I had this weekend. Why? Because death is the only real cure for a hangover.


  1. Here is an interesting question you might want to address (Wow, look at me giving you prompts!).

    Should casual guilds/alliances have absolute gear requirements for raids? Such as Ulduar, or even Eye of Eternity?

    For example, should we require anyone who wants to raid Ulduar to have the "Superior" achievement, or all items item level 200+ (and make exceptions for things like trinkets maybe? hmm.)

    This is something I've been thinking about lately, as we get closer to Ulduar. Plus, a few of us tried to do EoE over the weekend, and it went very badly.


  2. Hmm, that's a good one. I may have to hash it out tomorrow. I'm usually against that sort of "hardcore" stuff because gear rating doesn't make a good player. You can have great gear and die in a colored circle of death and then how much does it matter?

    I'm sad the EoE didn't go well, but we probably need at least a few more clears of Naxx-25 under us before we'll be successful as a group.

    Oh, and I don't think Fuu and I are signed up for tonight, but we plan on going if there is room. Just got busy and forgot :-(.

  3. I took a six month break from the game a while back. It took me a few weeks to get back into the "World" that is Warcraft. But it was a much need break. It gave me time to figure out what I really wanted to do.

    As I have mentioned before I was a "Hard-Core" Raider - 4 nights a week, 4 hours a night, never missed a raid. First 40mans, then 25's. When I came back and started raiding again my Guild had two bosses down in Sunwell. I eventually got back in, and was a part of our first kills on the Twins, Muru and Kil'jaden. But much of the love of 25 man raiding was gone.

    When Wrath hit - I choose to stop running our "Progression" 25 man stuff. I limited myself to a group of friends- people I really enjoy playing with. I started having a blast again. I took part in some of my Guilds 25man Alt stuff - and the atmosphere was so much different.

    It was also at this time, that I decided to shelve my first toon - my "Raider" - my Hunter. I started playing my Lock (who was my herber and skinner) - and I love it. I am having a blast again.

    We have only Yogg left in Ulduar. Due to our Raiding schedule, 3 nights a week for only about 3 hours at a time, we have not really got a good look at him. (We do get to phase two consistantly).

    The other way I keep things fresh, is swapping my spec... a LOT. Trying to squeeze all I can out of each spec. I have come to really love Affliction, but I will tell you, deep Destruction... WOW. It is really fun seeing the big numbers.


    And congratulations on the upcoming wedding! - I'll celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss this July. I sure hope your wife is as understanding of your gaming as mine is!

  4. Luckily enough, she plays with me ;-)

  5. I expect 2 heads of kelthuzad by the time I return! (yes, you heard me,two !) Good luck tonight, thursday,and whenever else you are raiding! The time difference is pretty big, but I think I am posting before Raid time.

  6. RE: Requirements for Ulduar

    It is a fact that every person in the raid will be required to have a certain level of gear to effectively qualify them for any level of success in Ulduar (after the first boss...he's not a real doozy in comparison to the others).

    Here is the trick, the item levels of the person's gear do no quantify their ability to do their job, though better gear does increase their quantified ability to damage, heal, and mitigate.

    For me, DPS is the easiest of these to measure, and as a lock...all I have to worry about in my little world. Instead of gear levels, we look at raid DPS. If we need around 3000 DPS per player average to down the boss before he enrages...and add say 250-500 more to take into account encounter factors, we'll need around 3500 DPS average. If we have people pushing out 5000 dps, they'll make up for those only doing 2500 thus making it work. (since we have several folks doing close to 5k dps, we'll allow some lesser geared people in the raid, but if you can't do 2k or more dps, you don't need to be moving on to Ulduar yet :P)

    For DPS, they'll be limited by skill and/or gear, but regardless of what their limitations are, they have to put out enough DPS for you to have a chance at killing the boss.

  7. @NB - You're on the right track there, just make sure you also realize other things that can affect DPS numbers as well. People can pump out 5k and die in a colored circle, then they're doing zero. Or also, you won't get very far on 25-man Razuvious with all 5k DPS but no priests. There's really no susbstitute for just knowing what you need as a leader and taking all the information into account.

  8. Right...I was trying to show the 'average' dps point to mean the average dps output of a player during the course of a boss fight. If a person who could sustain 5k dps dies at 50% and only averages 2500 dps for the entire fight, they are still to be considered as a 2500 dps player in my eyes.
    I guess my point (which I was trying to make but never really stated it...) was to just say that average dps over a boss fight has a better quantitative value that can be assigned to it than simply checking their gear score (or ilvl) since it also takes into account a person's skill level and general knowledge of raiding and that particular boss. (Which you say way better in your post today than I do...hehe)


    RE: Colored circles...
    Raider's mental checklist:
    Are you standing in a colored cirle? Yes - then move. No - continue to do whatever it is you do. It's just not that hard. /facepalm