Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ZOMG 3.1

So it looks like I'll probably be playing EVE tonight ;-p.

If, by some previously unforseen stroke of luck, the servers are all working tonight, I will be speccing and trying out the new stuff. Tomorrow is CYOA day, so look for impressions on Thursday regardless of the status tonight. Wednesday night we raid anyways, so that'll be the "field test".

For Affliction Warlocks: Don't believe all the negative hype. We've always been better than it. Check the final patch notes, but we're probably moving to a five spell rotation to look something like this: Corr, Haunt, SB, UA, (curse)... refresh as needed. I always lead off with Corr while I'm getting set up, otherwise its good to put H and SB first for the embrace effect. Curse choice is completely still based on situations, sometimes I don't even use it on trash (if it's not going to live for >20s, it's probably not worth it, IMO). If you had points in the destro tree for SB spell hit, you may be able to move them around now. I'd suggest looking to improve your bolts in the destro tree with any extra points you have laying around, as I think we're going to be more dependant on them as filler. Don't freak out when SL is gone and you get healed by Corruption. (More specifics after I see the official notes and get to try it out)

For Frost DPS DKs: We're screwed pretty much from what is expected to hit. I'm going to try and figure out something where I can still use howling blast and frost strike along with IT in a rotation because I like them. It may or may not be top DPS viable. Expect wailing and grinding of teeth here. If all else fails... I'll go back to blood.

I haven't yet seen official notes and probably won't until after work since everything is blocked, so I can't say I know all the implications for sure, only what trends I've seen on the PTR with what it seems Blizz "wants to do". I think its obvious Affliction 'locks will get some DoTs removed from the rotation and will see increased shadow bolt usage. We may even be enticed to pull out some new pets. Be ready for your numbers to take an initial dip, but I think we'll figure it out. Also, don't be scared when all the destro and demo fanboys run back to their trees :-). The DK changes, on the other hand, are just too gigantic to wrap you mind around. Basically, DKs have been OP as we all know, and they're going to get reigned in and refined a bit. They're still a young class, so cut Blizz some slack. Look for the Frost talents to be slimmed down to be pointed more towards tanking and DW builds, though I'd still like to work some stuff out with 2 handers (they just seem to be easier to get).

My raiding outlet is just getting ramped up in 25-man Naxx, so we're probably still a ways off from Ulduar. I'll be looking for some of the best approaches and maybe getting a 10-man group going soon. I can't wait for my first look at it, though I'm sure others will be completely done by then.

It's 10AM... is anyone else ready to be done with work for the day and go home to sit at a loading screen? Or watch that site that tells you if the servers are up or down (yep, blocked at work)? Fuu, plan on ordering out tonight ;-).


  1. Hun, who do you think I am?

    that's why we have a frozen pizza in the freezer just for this occasion :D

    Now to convince you to go & buy beer...

    /convinces Fulguralis
    /puppy dog eyes

  2. I am having some serious difficulties logging in to Blogger. I keep forgetting my password. Pfffft.

    Want me to email you a copy of the new patch notes?

    Also, interested at all in making another try at EoE this weekend?


  3. YES PLEASE! PATCH NOTES! nom nom nom

    (that was me eating up the information that you could pass along)

    Mainly, DK,Pally (Tanking), & Affliction Lockies goodness

    Thanks Sweety!

    PS: did you get those Flasks that I sent you?

  4. lol... my comments aka the new EGA forums :-).

    Sure, I have meetings all afternoon so may or may not get to them though... i can pass them along to Fuu at least ;-). Either way, we'll have them this evening. I want the official ones, no PTR crap.

    And yes, I'm down with EoE. Fuu and I are busy Sat and Sun tho.

  5. Locks will also add Life Tap to their rotation once the new glyph is available. Which might take a few days for it to be widely available.

  6. I've been logged into my home PC remotely downloading the patch and patching. I'm so ready to get going.

    I'm not sure it's going to be the end of the world for Frost DPS as several of my commenters have claimed, but I guess we'll see. (I'll be going blood anyway...)

  7. Yeah, tbh they're not as bad as I expected. I'm definitely giving my old spec a try with an only slightly modified rotation...

  8. @Willis - For sure. Life Tap should already be your tap of choice over demonic pact. You should just aim to keep using it as-is. I believe someone else commented a while back that you shouldn't add it as a staple if you don't need to tap, as losing the GCD will hurt your DPS more than the increased spell power helps it. I've not done the math, but life tap a lot anyways, and plan to just keep on keepin on.

  9. I've been following your blog for a few weeks. I've had such a hard time finding up to date info on 'lock builds as everyone seems to have given up on the class.

    As a die hard 'lock I am happy that I can find useful info on your blog. I'm waiting patiently for updates on Affliction builds as I finally got a tree I liked and now it's gone.


    Thanks so much!

  10. @Fulguralis - The new Life Tap Glyph provides an increase in spirit (and ofcourse damage) for 20 seconds after life tapping. This change means most spell rotations will be starting with a life tap to get the bonus spell damage, as well as, making it a buff you'll want to have as much up time as possible. This also stacks with the 4-piece t7 bonus, which will improve this self buff even more.

  11. @the other Anonymous -

    That new glyph may be great, but you'll be waiting awhile to get it. Of the approximately 50 new glyphs, about 40 of them are in books that are random world drops. In order to make the glyph, the scribe needs to learn the book. So yeah. Gonna be awhile.


  12. @the slightly more anonymous Anonymous - Yeah, it is a sweet glyph and a sweet buff. Good to know it stacks, as I was curious about that myself.

    Starting out with a tap is certainly a good idea as you're not wasting any GCDs at that point, however, it has been pointed out to me in the past that excessively life tapping during a battle is not always worth the "bonus" spell power when you factor in losing a GCD. I haven't personally seen any math to back up either side of that argument, so I can't say for sure.

    For now, I plan to tap as usual, maybe adding one to the front end to make sure my initial corruption cast benefits from it.

  13. RE: Life Tap Glyph (from the highly anonymous one)
    You are correct, it is going to be a while before the glyph becomes widely available (or available at a decent price).
    I have seen some numbers that people have run through generators, and their thoughts on the new glyph is that it is important to keep it up as much as possible. At first glance, I think I'll be refreshing the glyph's proc only prior to putting up a new DoT rotation...but it will require some testing.

  14. Cool, definitely let me know if you come across (or do), any research. I tend to just go by feel/meters in-game and leave the hardcore math to those who are good at it :-).

    I imagine I'll be reporting on my pratical tests as well...