Thursday, April 2, 2009

So you think you can Rhyme? Well I sure can't!

So you want Poetry eh?

Battle is Raging
I see a warlock DoTing
Paladin Bubble

You want another one? Absolutely NOT but thanks for asking :)

Back to you Johnny.

Since Jessabelle is so fond of the written language, I will tag her!

PS: I figured if I put a HUGE picture in this post, it would make up for my lack of creativity.

PSS: Also, I only feel that the tagging is fair because Ful was lazy so why can't I be? :)

PSSS: Love you guys!


  1. lol, we're just gonna circularly tag our own blog over and over again until it explodes. It's kind of like trying to find the center of wikipedia...

  2. or the center of an Atom

    But hell! Let's Try

    PSSSSSSS: Where are all the bloggers going?

  3. Jessabelle's Haikus:

    i have a lightwell
    but no one knows to use it
    now you are all dead

    (Actually, I don't have lightwell. But, that haiku explains why.)

    My divine spirit
    insures love from the druids
    no one else cares though


  4. lol, how do you tag that which has no blog?

    Oh... right.