Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short DPS Status Update

Last night I got to run VoA and OS with both my Warlock and my DK. The 'lock was on the 25-man versions and the DK on the 10-mans.

For my Warlock, I'm topping out around 3.1k DPS for most boss encounters (in nearly all 10-man purples, I believe I have two heroic blues left, only two T7.1 pieces too). Trash hurts me, as I usually average around 2.5k. All in all, I was top five on the DPS charts all night, so I'm pretty pleased considering some of them had 25-man gear and I have yet to pick up such a piece. Our first allied venture into 25-man Naxx will be tonight, and it should prove to be a good one. I'm looking forward to the badges and the chance at gear, plus the challenge of something "new". Rumor has it Ulduar is coming in another week or so (perhaps next Tuesday?), and my Warlock can't wait. The changes may or may not be good, but he thrives on new content.

For the DK, it's good news all around. I picked up two new significant gear upgrades. The first is the 2H axe off of Kel'Thuzad "Death's Bite". Awesome axe. Then with my honor I picked up a cape with some hit rating and AP on it from the PvP honor vendors in SW. I slapped a haste enchant on that baby (cuz I had the mats and haste isn't bad for a piece of PvP gear), and then ventured into the instances. Keep in mind that I'm still sporting about half greens, yet I was solidly over 2k DPS for most of the night, topping out around 2.4k. The nice part is that my DPS seems nearly consistent across trash and bosses. I've never had that before, being an aff'lock my whole WoW life. On one hand, I'm sad not to see the boss DPS spike. On the other, it's nice to feel useful on trash.

My DK is dreading the patch, when my beloved frost DPS spec gets totally turned on its head. Right now I love it for both PvE and PvP. Frost strike will give you some ridiculous critage and is great for getting those killing blows.

I'm anxiously awaiting a post today by Samodean over at Hardcore Casual. When you see it, you'll know why, so I encourage anyone who doesn't routinely check out his site to head over there later today and see if his Wednesday post is up. I especially encourage WoW bloggers who may be interested in doing something creative and fun on Wednesday. In any case, I dont' want to spoil it before he's got it up...

Finally, if EVE Online has ever interested you, here is a website that was passed to me that has EVE questions for WoW players. There's some good info there on a good non-WoW blog if you're like me and think space is cool too. Plus, it has the added bonus of giving you something else to focus on instead of gnawing your figures off and QQ'ing to Blizz about getting that damned patch out. :-)


  1. The pirate in me have been itching to fly lately, I'm going to give Uldar a few weeks then taking a short break from WoW to go make carebear cry, tehehe.

  2. Yeah I'm hoping 3.1 comes out sooner than later so I can live at the training dummies for a few hours tweaking specs and spell rotations lol. It'll be the most fun I've had spending gold.

  3. Hi Fulguralis! Just came across your blog and this post in which you point your readers towards my post on EVE for WoW players. Just wanted to thank you for the mention.

    Hopefully I've allowed some WoW players to get to know another side of the MMOG universe.



  4. No problem! It's definitely been helpful for me to see like on the "other side of the tracks" so to speak.

  5. ...and by like I meant "life".

    Stupid keys.