Friday, April 3, 2009

Short Friday Update

I had two days this week of dual posts, and I almost took today off, but writing is sort of an addiction for me. Instead, I'm going to try to just make a short update post on my toons of interest.

First of all, what you all come here to read about I'm sure, my Warlock...

Fulg is sitting around in bars a lot, drinking in an effort to kill enough brain cells so that when his rotation gets simplified, it will still seem as difficult. He thinks he'll enjoy the greater mobility offered by the simpler rotation, but is really loathe to get attached to any one aspect of the change until it actually shows up. He fears being disappointed when something doesn't go live.

He doesn't really need a whole lot from 10-man Naxx any more (he has a blue bracer to replace and could use the T7.10 head piece, but the latter is not really a huge upgrade even over the PvP hood). He looks forward to starting 25-man Naxx next week and is slowly and steadily working towards 450 tailoring (at 441) by using the cloth Decedereful sends (and has capped out on Enchanting).

I plan to publish a list of items he wants to buy with 25-man emblems next week when I have some time off. He wonders how in Azeroth he is going to replace the "Mark of the War Prisoner" trinket with 72 hit rating. That's a lot of hit to try and make up elsewhere...

Then, of course, the Death Knight...

Decedereful has been trolling the battlegrounds, participating in feats of PvP noobery. Sometimes she shines, then other times she is completely stunned and pwned by a damn rogue. Sometimes, she even feels like its "night at the slaughtered lamb" when numerous rogues surround her and grind her for honor (a ha). Can someone teach her to l2p dk vs roguish type?

She's so far purchased only a necklace for 38000 honor and got a few drops from 10-man naxx. She found out that you should really level your just-trained 2H mace skill before equipping it and using it in OS. It makes a 1300 DPS difference (I went from 800 DPS to 2100 DPS by just switching weapons for the final boss, so many misses! Duh!). She really wants the PvP cat mount to replace her screaming horse, but is only about halfway there.

She is power leveling Engineering/Mining with the money she makes from random sources of income. She is very afraid of a change in her spell mechanics, as she'll probably have to go back to being a blood princess instead of the ice queen. Both fit her personality, she's just rather enjoyed her walk on the cold side. She's okay with being the "back up" raiding toon and has seen some limited time in both 10 and 25 man naxx, though has been vastly undergeared for it. She also really wants a chopper.

For the most part, I really enjoy playing both toons. My Warlock will always be my main raiding toon. Once I out gear an area, though, the challenge lessens somewhat. It's been refreshing to go a different route with my DK and try to PvP grind for gear. I think I like running dungeons better, but it is a nice change of pace even though I'm certainly not the PvP type. I like to think I'm mildly frustrating to kill :-).

If you're feeling some pre-patch malaise right now, I would recommend getting a second (or more) toon to 80 and choosing one to try and gear up in a completely unorthodox way for you. For me, that was PvP'ing. It's good to at least try other aspects of the game. You don't have to completely force it one way (as I'll still raid on both toons occasionally), but it provides for a nice change of pace.

(If nothing else, I'm hoping you got a laugh out of the graph from I know in Indiana this is most certainly true. In fact, we often comment that it is "cone storage". That is to say, they don't really have anywhere to keep the cones, so they just rotate them around the state, putting them on different highways just to screw with you. Good times.)

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  1. I certainly hope the new rotation won't be OVERly simplified... /bites nails

    As for tailoring, mine's not maxed yet either... 2 pts away.

    And cones. Oh goodness. Wisconsin has 2 seasons: winter and road construction. I think it's similar for you. :)