Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Thursday Randomness

  • I forgot to add pictures yesterday when I got home. Apologies all around. It'd just be a damage meter anyways... woohoo, right?
  • I still haven't seen anything concrete to tip me towards CoD or CoA either way. I think what it boils down to is personal preference and what you preform best with. If someone can actually link maths, please do. Otherwise, I've mostly heard that CoD may or may not get all the buffs CoA does, but it starts out as a better spell per time anyways, so does that mean they end up almost equal? I saw some basic maths where CoD did more damage over the same course of time, but then I think people disagreed with the result because of buffs. I don't know, I'm a confused 'lock on this issue. For now, sticking with CoA.
  • I want to write something more formal about Affliction specific pet choices. The cliffnotes version I'll give you now: Succy, mix in DG and Infernals if you don't need the puppy buff. Puppy if you want the buff. The imp is a strong contender too. He'd be a good choice on Heigan since pets tend to die in green fire when not ranged on that one. If you get improved imp, he may even surpass the Succy in pure DPS. I saw a good EJ post about and may have to link that...
  • I plan to write up a "VoA Emalon Tips and Tricks" article. I've seen some decent strats so I won't completely redo a guide, but we've beaten our collective heads against that dude enough that I think I have some clever raid leading tips. Maybe not, you can decide.
  • Thank you to all the new readers and old commentors that have been stopping by this week. The traffic has really spiked and we've seen some really good questions and contributions. That's what this is all about.
  • Fuu is coming up with something Pally friendly for you soldiers of the light out there. I dunno when she'll get done with it, but if you like Pally tanking, stay tuned.
  • What trinkets did pick as a 'lock? Once I was able to make up the 74 hit (!) of the "Mark of the War Prisoner" (or whatever), I got rid of it in favor of a purple spell power trinket to go with my J'diddies bell (or whatever). On the advice of a mage (!) I picked up the emblem trinket with the "chace to increase your SP by 500" and the crit boost (she's a very good mage, mind you, and also plays a very good feral cat as well). I believe that one is the "sundial" and I choose it over the "Egg" one. The Egg seemed to be more of a healer trinket IMO... though neither particularly excited me. WTB good 'lock trinket. Any advice?
  • Random post is random.


  1. @Trinkets
    Basically -- slim pickings outside of naxx with no epic trinket drops and only one (maybe 2..see below) epics available.

    But...(I wish I had the link to the discussion)...I read that the egg does proc for warlocks off the self heals of siphon life and your fel armor self buff. (they are considered direct heals) This would mean you'd have a pretty good chance for the proc as an affliction lock since you'll have those two heals hitting pretty regularly. I've not seen any proof, or had the extra emblems to test myself...has anyone else heard of this or have proved it themselves?

    IMO, if this works, the "egg" becomes a solid trinket in a hit-capped affliction lock's world. If it doesn't...I'll find the prick who lied to me and summon him/her off the world tree ( /dream of the good ole days)

  2. @Nightzbane - I believe I read something about this as well. I can't believe I'm offering lock advice, but there was something on wowhead about it, so I just went and checked it out.

    "For Warlocks:

    It no longer procs off Fel Armor ticks, however it DOES have a chance to proc off Life Tap and Health Funnel." - as of 3.09

    My one concern is that since you are healing yourself, and not others, if it only counts on EFFECTIVE healing, i.e. won't proc if you are at full health.

    @ful - Pardon, but did you say something about having Jessabelle's bell? Do you seriously have that trinket? I am totally and completely entitled to it.


  3. A.D.D. A.D.D. it's not as bad as lepracy...

  4. Seems like I'll stick with the Sundial for now then, it seems to proc pretty often actually.

    The other trinket is J'tze's Bell or something like that. I drops in heroic Nexus I believe and is pretty darned good for healer types as well. J'dizzles Bell, you heard it here first.

  5. @jbelle
    Thanks for 'boiling' my "egg" theory. I guess there's no need to 'scramble' some emblems together to test that theory. With your help, I definately got the urge to purchase that trinket 'over easy'...

    oh I couldn't help myself...

  6. Egg puns only second to fish puns...

    I hope you guys "net" a new trinket ;)

    Thanks Nightzbane!

  7. Eggs-cuse me but let me chime in.

    I was lucky enough to pick up Illustration of the Dragon Soul.(25 Sarth) It is basically an extra 200sp all the time. My guess is I will be using it for a very long time.

    My second trinket is Embrace of the Spider - Static Spellpower buff and chance to proc 500 haste.

    I used Sundial until I picked up Illustration.

    I have also used the Egg - I picked it up and used it when it was still proccing off Fel Armor ticks. Made me a sad Lock when they finally changed it.

    I passed the other night on a Trinket in Ulduar - let our Ele Shaman have it - basically an upgraded War Prisioner - I think it had 100+ hit and a clickable 500 some spellpower.

    I always keep Mark of the War Prisoner in my bags - on the off chance new gear comes along and I have to re-arrange gear.

    As an update 3 more bosses down in Ulduar, working on Mimiron. Used both specs again and I got the dps a little closer. I think in the end 41/30 may be 1-200 more dps in the long run. I just need to get used to both specs. If in practice I can keep the dps that close between specs, I will probably stick with Affliction - it just seems more my style.


  8. I've been after the spellpower/haste-proc trinket from Maexxna on my Lock but I haven't had a lot of time to run Naxx-10 T_T. So for now I'm using Mark of the War Prioner and Dying Curse (from heroic Naxx) to pack a lot of hit from trinkets and stack spellpower in the rest of my gear.


    I still want that trinket though T_T.

  9. je tze's bell is a BoE world drop often going on the AH for about 8000 gold ful. No no, thats okay. I didn't want it at all. I'll remember this next time i learn a warlock glyph!

    also, i hear from a couple of my warlock friends that the trinket off of 10 man maex is teh win.

  10. Yeah, I think it dropped for me in Nexus in any case. It was definitely BoE which is cool. I've had it since far before the patch and stuff though.

    However, you should remember this: we got one of those Glyph Mastery books to drop in heroic nexus last night. Khay has it. Better make sure he doesn't forget to give it to you ;-)

  11. I'm using the egg (not convinced of the proc), but +100 spell damage isn't bad.

    I'm also using the Necromantic doicky from Sapphiron, and again, I'm not so sure it is worth using. I do see the proc fairly often (mini shadow bolt), but meh.

    War Prisoner I have, but I already have plenty of +hit, so that's in my bag.

    wtb Warlock trinket that does what it says on the tin, and not what I hope it does.