Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poetry, Links, and other Miscellanea

So I was tagged in another meme (does anyone else notice an overabundance of memes lately? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with not having a whole lot to write about due to our collective pre-patch anticipatory anxiety disorder (or PAAD)), this one requiring me to write poetry. I used to write songs back in the day, that counts right? Haiku though. This is one of those Japanese things isn't it? 5-7-5, is that how it goes? Someone needs to refresh me on my creative writing...

Let's see here:
*clears throat*
*Gestures off to the right*
*High hat sets a beat*
Woman.... whooaaaaa man.... wait, that's not right.

Let's try again:

Corrupting your soul,
Afflicting you with shadow,
Run away in fear.

Warlockery - sorta like being hit by a CAR (see what I did there, ha ha).

There don't seem to be any tagging rules, so I will only pass it on to two people (who can choose not to listen if they'd like). First of all, I wanna see if Fuu can write a Haiku, so I'm tagging myself. Secondly, since Abi is already tagged and Laeyla at Blog of Light hasn't been writing as much lately and thus apparently needs a muse, I shall tag her.

Before I go, here are a few tidbits that may help you on your journeys:
  1. If you are new to Afflicting, Nibs has done a wonderful job on the raider101 project. This is a place where you can go to learn the "basics" of each class and spec. Nibs was responsible for the affliction section, and, as usual, she does a wonderful job with it. New or old to the spec... check it out.
  2. The trainer for 2h Maces is in Ironforge. You CAN train 2h maces as a death knoob. Yes, I just now learned this. I'm hoping others may save face by reading this :-).
  3. You have to skill up something you just train (as a 'lock, when do I ever hit anything or care what my weapon skill is). Low skill means low DPS. In OS, I was doing 800 DPS with my new awesome mace, so I popped back on my axe (which is fully skilled out) and jumped straight up to 2100 DPS. Talk about gimping yourself. On one hand, I expected it to happen as the skillups for maces rolled across my screen, but I guess I didn't think it was THAT huge. It is.
  4. Can someone tell me when is the "appropriate" time to use Army of the Dead in a raid? I'm curious about this because it always seems to be such a clusterf... (when you're not the tank especially).
  5. I will miss my frost DPS spec when the patch hits :-(. IT, HB, FS facerolling ftw right now.
  6. My warlock is too geared for 10-man Naxx and we start 25-man next week. That is why he's been hanging out in the bars so much lately. 10-man Naxx bores him.

That is all from this corner of the lockosphere.

(Yeah, I made that up earlier in a comment and used it here, so what, wanna fight about it?)


  1. I don't wanna fight, but we could duel. :P

    And I liked the LockKu. :D

  2. Syrana... I wont be able to comment nor read on your blog anymore because of our IOT department & blocking your site.

    Sad Friday morning suprises.

    Now to find out what else they blocked.....

  3. Yeah, mine's spreading too :-(. Luckily I found out how to bounce my proxy off of Germany (it sounds so much like something from Swordfish or w/e, but its really very boring). I'm okay for now, but the internet IS shrinking.

    It kinda pisses me off. At least I have my google reader up and can still get to that. Commenting from home FTW?

  4. btw, woot for lockku... awesome word.

  5. :( Please enjoy it at home?

    Why they gotta steal all the fun all the time... stoopid work.

    And regarding 'lockku'...I can make up words too! :D

  6. I had the same problem at work. Anything with a blogspot or wordpress domain is now blocked. I can still read with the feedreader, but I can only see pictures and comment from home.