Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loosing My Inner Demon

I decided to spend my hard earned 1k gold from the Argent Tournament dailies on a dual spec for my warlock. My plan is to just use the second spec for enjoyment and to try out the other trees. Believe it or not, I have actually never played anything apart from Affliction on my warlock. I never really felt drawn elsewhere.

When they added the Metamorphosis talent though, I have to admit I was intrigued by the Demonology tree for the first time. I mean, turning into a demon is just plain cool. Still, by then I'd been playing as affliction for well over a year and had no desire to raid or level as anything but affliction, it being my true love.

Lucky for us, they implemented this dual speccing shenanigans. So far, I guess it's been pretty helpful and hasn't changed the way we raid too much. If anything, its made it much easier as a raid leader. Now, when you might need that extra tank, you always get the question: "want me to flip specs?" My normal answer is "do whatever you feel comfortable with." We're not "hardcore" and, as such, I've never really cared what spec someone is, as long as they can get the job done.

Anyways, I digress. I merely wanted to point out that I'm trying out Abi's demonology spec. You can find it along with a wonderful L2Play raiding guide here. I'm using his 3-53-15 build as linked in his post. It's a Meta/Ruin/Suppressionforhit spec. It's also the one with the Demonic Pact talent since I'm not counting on being with an Elemental Shaman at all times.

I have a crap ton (or if you prefer metric, .907 shat tons) of spirit (the glyph gives me like 150 extra SP), so I may pick up another Life Tap glyph, though I'm debating because this spec is mainly for fun which for me means running around town as a demon at odd times. Thus, I may take the meta glyph along with Immolate and Felguard.

The rotation is actually fairly similar in concept to the affliction one. Both require you to do different things at low life (for demo the mark is 35% not the 25% for affliction). Both have a pretty simple "normal" rotation where you throw up some DoTs and S-bolt. This demo build adds what I like to think of as a "special" button. If you ever played old arcade fighting games, you may be familiar with the concept of a "special bar". It's kinda like that, in that it beefs you up, lets you preform a few special things, but doesn't complete change your current rotation.

I didn't get a picture, but here's how I set up my cast bar from left to right (1-5): Corruption, Shadowbolt, Immolate, Curse Choice, Soul Fire. (Recall that my Affliction bar looks like: Corr/alt-CoA, S-bolt, UA, Haunt/alt-CotE, Drain Soul). Thus, I'm almost hitting the same buttons in the same order when I swap specs and bars. The rest of the bar has some of my demon form stuff and Rain of Fire for my AoE button (always 8 on my toons). It also has my Life Tap macro on 0 which is the same (lets you LT normal and hold shift to get your fel armor on). Then I have some clickable buttons around for the "cooldown" spells that I want to watch/click.

The point here is that I find it a lot easier if you can try to put similar spells on certain buttons. My DK even sort of reflects this so that I'm nearly hitting the same buttons in the same order. That way, if I have a brain fart, I'm not completely off and it seems easier to fall into a new routine.

I love having both intercept and charge too. I was always jealous off others having things to make them speed up when warlocks only get to run around at one friggin' speed. The best we could hope for is to swim faster in water with a glyph, which, lets face it, is completely worthless. Others can run on water... we swim fast with a glyph?

Anyways, I don't necessarily plan on using this for raiding right away or anything more than just making the dailies more interesting, but it is certainly a fun spec. Abi does a wonderful job of telling you "how to" loose your inner demonologist, so I won't rewrite what's already been done better. I just wanted to point out my initial thoughts about this spec and have an excuse to link this completely awesome picture:

Blood... On the Rocks


  1. Mogresh of Moon GuardApril 30, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    I decided to do something similar with my dual spec. Originally I was going to go Affliction-Demo/destro to have a burst dps spec for short fights, but I just couldn't get into it.

    I ended up respeccing my 2nd spec to the standard afflic/demo leveling build with just a few tweaks. When I was leveling this build got me from 70-80 in no time, but now that I'm running in naxx 25 gear, it's rediculously fast killing for dailies and farming. especially with corruption and siphon life rolled together. It's basically CoA, Corruption, let fel guard clean up. I love it.

  2. Ok...I have to be honest...I was the guy running around in vanilla wow as a full demon spec'd, and still raiding, warlock.
    Demon has always been my #1 thing (with affliction 2nd - used to hate destro). For raiding lately, I've always tried to do affliction or a hybrid -- whatever spec I could do the best dps with the gear I had.
    But...for the first time last night, I took a 0/58/15 spec into naxx25 to play around with. (I didn't put the 3 points into affliction since my hit % is at like 18.5 -- I need to switch around some gear, but the stuff I have with + hit is just plain better, even without the hit, than what's left...If I can get my hands on a spell power trinket instead of my +hit trinket from VH, I'll be set.)
    Outcome: Pleasantly surprised. I had about a 400 DPS drop off from my hybrid spec on boss fights. I blame the major drop off on the movement in the fight. (ex I did 4400 dps on Patchwerk with hybrid and 3900 on Grobb with demon) I would like to think that my damage decrease did increase the rest of the raids effective damage/healing with demonic pact though.

  3. @Guard de Moon - That's my primary want for taking the spec... quick/fun daily killing... maybe the occasional WG. I don't think I'd like the pet management aspect in raids because I'm not very good at it, but it livens up the dailies and maybe eventually I'll get used to it.

    @Bane de Nightz - There's a straight upgrade trinket in naxx-25 with 71 hit and a chance to do like 750 SP... it's better than the sundial for SP and has a ton of crit. I passed at first because I really don't need the hit and others did, but I wouldn't mind having it and would just regem nearly all of my yellows to something SP/haste/crit related since we're definitely getting nearly all our hit from gear. It's good to know the trees remain competitive. :-)

  4. Thanks for the linkage and glad you're having fun with the spec.

    My main issue in staying competitive in DPS is being able to cast from melee range to get a 1:1 SB/SF rotation going and to be able to use immolation aura but it's still really fun, IMO.

  5. I always wondered what the conversion rate was on a metric crap ton. Good to know. I don't have any knowledge on raiding with my lock as I just got him to 68 but It sure seem like they want you to change specs every patch. Maybe thats just me.

  6. The thing about patch 3.1, that I'm starting to experience the more I play with different specs, is that there are at least 5 different basic (cookie cutter) specs that all produce viable DPS with different utilities.This is not to say that variations of the cookie specs are not viable either, which is even better, but full affliction, full demon, full destro, and a couple demon/destro hybrids all provide pretty much the best dps we can do as an individual. So instead of the patch changing us from one tree to another new fad tree...we've been changed from 1 cookie cutter spec that out DPS'd the rest to 5 different viable options with different utilities. TBH, I think this is the most balanced (raid minded) that I've ever seen the warlock class.

    I'm not sure if I should say fortunately for you or fortunately for me, but when I get in melee range for the immolate + decimation combo, my latency allows me to do the 1:1 SB and SF combo without a problem. So, fortunately for you, your latency must be better than mine which is mostly unfortunate for me...usually...unless it helps me keep a 1:1 while decimating :P