Monday, April 6, 2009

'Lock 25-Man Gear List

Since I'm off all of this week, I wanted to put up a couple gear lists of "what to buy" from the emblem vendors. Obviously they'll vary based on your situation, but hopefully they give you an idea of what to look for (if you haven't already exhausted the purchased items). If nothing else, it is a personal list for me to keep my head on straight and you all are just being subjected to my inner musings. Besides, being home means that I can actually get on and play during the day.

Soon, my alliance will start 25-man content in earnest, so I figured I'd better prioritize what I want to buy. So here is my 25-man Affliction Warlock Emblem "want" list, in order of priority:
  1. Wraps of the Astral Traveler - 60 Emblems (I'm still sporting blue bracers, never having gotten an upgrade from 10-man naxx)
  2. Xintor's Expeditionary Boots - 40 Emblems (I believe I'm still sporting the epic WA boots, these would be a large upgrade for me)
  3. Valorous Plagueheart Shoulderpads - 60 Emblems (An upgrade over my Naxx10 drop, plus I need two pieces for the 4 piece bonus, which would be nice)
  4. Band of Channeled Magic - 25 Emblems (only a small upgrade over what I'm wearing)
That about covers it. Obviously, drops may alter this list, but those four pieces give me something to shoot for. I would love to get the tier head piece off KT too, but the T7.10 pieces for both head and shoulder are not an upgrade over what I currently have. Nor are the gloves. I'm not sure that the 7.5 gloves are much better either than the Naxx10 drop that I have.

Is there anything I'm missing that is pretty easy to get? Keep in mind, I do not farm locations for gear. If it drops, I take it. Otherwise, it's about seeing the content for me. That isn't to say I don't run through the same things a lot, just that I don't really do it for myself. I do it because that's what the group wants to do, and I want to run with the group. I've been itching to get to 25-man stuff for a while now, so I'm definitely excited about it. (Though I have been known to PuG a vault or OS, they're just nice fun little instances. The emblems help, but its certainly not "for" the gear.)


  1. I'm not sure which bracers you are still wearing but Azure Cloth Bindings ( from heroic Violet Hold are pretty good.

  2. Those would be better, I just haven't gotten them to drop. I'm also no longer running a whole lot of heroics since I've been spending a lot of time on my other toon.

  3. Yeah, Heroic runs have been pretty much put on the back burner unless we wanted to run the "Daily" or something. We did have a sucessful CoS timed run though :)'twas Frantic madness I tellz ya.

    I can haz breather?

    Also, Fuu is going to be on permenant gold farming until 3.1 comes out. I have a feeling that it's going to be an expensive patch. My alts are going to just have to sit & wait it out.

  4. I have ran heroic VH at least 20 times trying to help our MT get the plate legs when we started Naxx.. and never saw the bracers even once. It was always that damn staff >.>