Monday, April 13, 2009

A Case of The Mondays

Last week Stop recommended the Mirror of Truth trinket for its 1000AP boost. I wanted to point out that there is another similar trinket at the PvP vendor in Wintergrasp, the Titan's Anvil. It is pretty much the same 1000AP boost with some resilience added on. Good stuff, especially if you're not badge heavy.

No one raids on Easter. We tried, but not enough people. 25-man Naxx continues tonight. *shrug*

I get the day after Easter off as a corporate holiday. *doubleshrug*

Wednesday will be story time here as I continue the "Create Your Own Azeroth" series. If you haven't seen any of them yet, the first installment can be found here. Every Wednesday, the next part should show up on the site that was tagged. This week it is me, so be ready for some story telling goodness to show up on Wednesday. I'm going to try and work on that today.

Also, don't be surprised if the patch comes out tomorrow or next Tuesday. Rumor has it that those are the likely dates.

Otherwise, not much else going on around these parts. Got any warlocky or Death Knight questions? Now would be a good time to shoot them my way :-D.


  1. I get the day after Easter off as a corporate holiday. *doubleshrug*

    awwwww, I caught that and that was all... I wish I was home sleeping on a Monday too.

  2. yeah... he sucks...

    He also "conveniantly" forgot to set the alarm this morning for those of us who had to work today ;)

  3. You say no one raids on Easter.... I say.. I did 10man and 25man VoA on Easter. ;)

    Ok, not the same but, it was still awesome!