Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Initial Impressions

I'm not going into detail today as I'm preparing posts for both Thursday and Friday about things such as 9k average Drain Soul tics, affliction warlock and frost dk specs, and my initial raid impressions, but I wanted to share a short first impression.

For Warlocks: I have a spec I really like, I will publish it probably tomorrow, and I'm raiding tonight to really give it the true test. With half of my addons still broken (including my all-important DoT timer and necrosis), I don't think I'm playing at full strength yet. We ran a ten man VoA last night (even attempting the new boss a few times) to get the hang of things, and so far I'm not sure. It certainly doesn't look like an overall buff. If anything my damage dropped or stayed the same. It's hard to tell right away. The rotation is definitely simpler though, almost to the point where I don't like it because I feel like I'm constantly missing things that need to be updated (part of that is probably due to my DoT timers being borked). More on this after I run a full 25-man Naxx raid tonight.

For DPS DKs: I basically kept my Frost DPS build with a slight PvP slant. I added PS to my rotation. I'll be publishing this spec and such on Friday probably. So far it feels like a nerf, but that was to be expected. I think it is an appropriate nerf, as before I felt I was doing far more damage than my crappy gear warranted. Now, I think its about right, and I get to keep most of the skills I enjoyed. I'm still running a 2H build as I just have better weapons for that right now. I probably won't get a good test of this spec in a raid environment for a bit.

The posts for tomorrow and Friday will probably both be large, and then I may refine them with subsequent posts, but I want to get the information out there to build on. I definitely love to hear feedback from the community, so feel free to drop a comment off if you see me doing something dumb :-).

CYOA is coming up shortly... hope you enjoy my little creative writing jaunt.


  1. I went Affliction last night - 53/1/17 - quite a change from my old 00/41/30.

    It took me a while to get the hang of it - and remembering to Drain Soul under 25%.

    I run 10man stuff with a group of friends - we dropped the new vault boss on our second pull. I was below a Rogue and a DPS DK.

    We headed off to Ulduar - dropped the Flame Leviathan and to headed to the very buggy Furnace Master.

    Trash in that place is not a joke. You have time for entire rotations on each mob, and I would usually get off a second haunt and UA before Draining. I was happy with the damage - I sure it will only get better.

    Waiting to find a Life Tap, and Haunt Glyph.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


  2. Check the tooltip, but I believe the drain soul benefits for at least one talent kick in at 35%, maybe I was brain fried when I read it, so I'll double check to be sure. If so, you'll want to start drain soul earlier, the ticks are just plain huge!

    Struggled on VoA boss, more on that soon, but I think we've got the hang of it now (consider we went without a strat for a while just trying to wing it).

    Also waiting on the glyphs...

    Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. I also went 53/1/17 to start off the night (missing life tap and haunt glyphs as well) and found the dps to be nice and had a lot of fun with an actual spell rotation again!

    Second spec, I went with a 3/13/55 which was pretty cool too. It had a neat spell rotation as well, but definately more of a nuke spec.

    I found that for single/dual target trash the DPS from the destro spec was a few hundred higher than that of the affliction.
    For boss fights, I'll have to do more testing...It looks like the difference for DPS on those comes in at the 25% execute range...I don't think I managed my drain soul spell rotation well enough, as the full destro and 40/31 locks (who I was on par with while full destro) were able to out DPS me by about 300DPS.

    We as locks have never used drain soul as a raid DPS talent. I don't have the multi-year DoT timer of its damage table infused into my is going to take some practice to get it fit correctly in my spell rotation. What do you guys think...replace shadow bolt in the spell rotation with drain soul when under 25%?


  4. @Nightzbane - I think you *have* to use drain soul when under 25% (I didn't get to check the tool tip last night because our server was flaked out... more on that in today's post), the numbers are just worth it.

    I also think destro is gonna out DPS affliction now at the same gear levels. However, I think it should still be within 100 or so DPS (competitive). Certainly not enough to claim either tree is "dead" or "the" spec.

  5. Prior to 3.1 I had been using an Affliction build and when I remembered used Drain Soul at 25%. It did increase my dps, noticably but not dramatically.

    I tried to stick with an Affliction build post-3.1, but I am having a hard time of it. I miss Siphon Life and being able to cast Immolate and UA at the same time. I ran H UP yesterday and I couldn't seem to get a consistant amount of dps. It ranged from 900 to 2.5k though it tended to average out to around 1100, which is significantly lower than my pre 3.1 dps.

    Any thoughts?

  6. @SS - Check out my post today and let me know how you think you stack up against what I'm laying down. It's coming up in 4 mins and will have rotation, spec, and glyph information. I haven't been able to really test my new rotation yet, but from what I've done in a limited manner, it seems slightly lower, but not inconsistent with what I'd been doing. Also, a lot of my testing was done without DoT timers and such because my addons were out of whack, plus the server was wonky. I look forward to being able to more in the coming days.