Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First True Test of the Aff'spec

I finally (read: FINALLY) got to raid after all my speccing shenanigans (you know, just in time for Blizz to refund my talents so I could do it all again. Luckily, there didn't appear to be any tree changes that I'm aware of), and last night we were able to do our Naxx-25 run for the first time since the patch.

The cliffnotes version: so far, so good.

My average DPS for the night was good for 3.5k, bringing me in at number 2 on the overall damage done (my fave stat personally). My patchwerk DPS shot up to 4.2k and topped the charts. Good stuff indeed.

I've had a few gear upgrades just before the patch, so I feel I'm not able to clearly gauge whether the final verdict is "nerf" or "buff", but I feel more powerful. I think overall, the changes are a good thing.

I've had some trouble getting used to the new rotation. Partly, I feel lost sometimes like I should be doing more than I am or that I'm missing something. Often, I am missing something (like my curse) and have just forgotten about it. When one gets used to a rotation, you get used to seeing the same DoT timers up in the same order and it gets really easy to tell which spell you're missing. So far, I'm not consistent enough or used to the rotation enough to have the quick recognition factor on my side. The good news is that that will develop over time.

I have trouble remembering to lead off with a life tap. It's just not natural yet. Same with trying to spread my taps out regularly so as to space the buff nicely. I've been trying to do it right after casting each Haunt. That way, the returning haunt will heal me for almost what I lost due to the tap. Also, Haunt is refreshed about every 12s, so with the 20s glyph bonus, it should almost always be up. That seems to be the best way IMO, and usually precedes refreshing many of my DoTs anyways (if its not already up), so seems to be a good time to squeeze it in.

I have trouble mixing in Drain Soul at under 25%. Conceptually, its easy. Where you would be casting filler, cast your drain soul. Try to refresh DoTs that need refreshing right after you see one of those big 10k ticks. In practice? It's not so easy. Usually things tend to get more chaotic at the end of a fight, so I may be trying to do other things (especially as a raid leader) and forget to watch for a number to pop up or just time things poorly. One of the things I'm assuming is that we'd want to keep Shadow's Embrace up in the Drain Soul phase of fights as well. I can't see a reason why you would want to let that fall off, so that means you don't totally get rid of shadowbolts either and have to toss one in with a haunt every now and then to keep that refreshed as well. This can easily be done in your normal rotation, but causes me a bit of a brain confusion because, like, I'm supposed to be subbing for s-bolts, right? It's dumb, I know, but scatter-brained ftl. In any case, this is another area where it'll take some getting used to.

I have trouble deciding on a pet. As an affliction 'lock, I like to just pull out a pet and forget about it for most of the night, letting it do its thang. However, Blizz has succeeded in enticing us to pull out some of our "other" pets. I think this is a good thing, though kind of a hassle. Still, I'd rather have choices to make than just one way to have to play. For most off the night last night, I just ran with a Succubus. We had both a disc priest and a mage in the group (overwriting the felpup buff), so I figured it was a good night for some S&M Demonology. I also stocked up on infernal stones an demonic figurines in anticipation of pulling them out some (for bosses only).

Over the course of the night, I only pulled out one Doomguard and one Infernal. I just never quite "felt it". I saved the DG for the last boss of the first wing (figuring that was the best time to use the cooldown so maybe I could hit each "final" boss with a DG). We struggled to get focused early on, so the first wing (spider) saw a few wipes. I never really got comfortable with the chaos, so pet choice slid down on my priority meter and I just ran the Succy until that final spider dude (I can't pronouce or even spell the name... Maexxerna? Far too many x's. I guess if it were a triple-x spider though I'd want none of that, even on S&M Demo night, but I digress...). I used the DG on that, and it was good, then we had some afk issues before starting the plague wing... my remaining few minutes on the DG were wasted, which made me sad, but he did his job and boosted my boss DPS.

We refocused after a few and quickly one shot everything in the plague wing, meaning we hit the final boss without my DG refreshing. Thus, I decided it was a good time to try out the infernal. I think I pulled him out with about 15% health left on the boss, and that was just about the right amount of time to make nearly full use of his minute tenure in the world... of warcraft. Again, good times. However, unfocus had taken its toll and we were only able to go to patchwerk before calling it a night. We were trying to hurry up since it was getting late, so it was a quick buff and pull, meaning I didn't really have time to go through a ritual of doom and ran it with the Succy. Thus, I only used one of each alternate pet type on the night, but both seemed to be good for my DPS.

Part of it is getting comfortable enough to maximize when I throw them out. It's hard enough trying to remember to drain soul and keep all my crap up, then trying to gauge when to use what pet is just another headache. As I get more comfortable with everything, it'll stop being so much thinking and start being automatic, and then I can use that thought power on pet stuff. I just haven't gotten into that groove yet.

The bottom line here is that I'm far from playing perfectly yet. I was a lot crisper before the patch and I know it. I just need to work up to that again and get all these nifty little new nuances down. If the goal of Blizz was to make the affliction rotation more forgiving, though, they certainly did that, as even not playing my best, I feel like I'm doing more damage. This is why I would side with the "buff" opinion of the patch. Still, its not like we're seeing a destro-conflag sized buff, its more that the class was "refined" in the patch.

This brings me to an interesting point. We complained that the rotation was being "dumbed down", but I argue that in its place, other complexity has been added: Where to mix in life taps (especially for those of us who never had the tier bonus)? How to mix in big Drain Soul ticks while keeping Dots up at the end of a fight? When to use which pet as an affliction 'lock? CoA or CoD? These are questions with easy solutions before the patch. Now, I'm not so sure, and, to me, that's a good thing.

(Caveat: I need to read the article Abi linked in comments yesterday concerning CoA vs CoD. If it's as good as he says, I suggest other's check it out as well. I've decided to stick with CoA for now because I'm used to it and don't want to throw in too much newness at once. Also, I may try to add some pictures to this when I get home, I took some screenies but didn't send them to work...)

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  1. Drain Soul - I use Power Auras - to tell me when the mob hits 25%. So I always start on time. I use DoT Timers so when I see one getting close to falling off, I refresh and get in another DS tick. I also have Miks Scrolling Battle Text set up to Flash on every DS tick.

    Power Auras is in my mind the best mod in this game... I use it for so many things - in my 00/41/30 to show me when the mob is under 35% for Decimates. I also use it to tell me when MC is procced, when I have the LifeTap buff, Embrace of the Spider is up, etc.)

    As for CoD - to be honest I seldom use it. I have become acustom to using CoA and it just messes with my head!.

    I also need CoA to proc Molten Core for my 41/30 build.

    As for the comments on Life Tap ... my healers have a hot rolling on me before the fight even starts... I have Illustration of the Dragon Soul, so I pop off 10 rank one LT's before we even pull to get it stacked.

    I do my best to keep the LT buff at all times, while not straining my healers is some of the more intense raid wide damage fights.

    One added note - I spent another night in 10man Ulduar,(6 bosses down) and for me the 41/30 spec is out performing Affliction. My Pet has decent survivabilty and there is so much movement, dots have a habit of falling off. It kinda makes me sad...I do so like Affliction.


  2. Yeah, its not that I have a problem knowing *when* to use it, I just have a problem translating theory into practice. My brain sees that the mob is under 25% and then reprioritizes all of my DoTs to the new "near death" rotation. It's just not real quick at it yet is what I'm saying.

    Those are some good mods to check out though.

    Sadly, I think you're right about the hybrid spec out preforming a straight affliction spec. It's just the way things work out right now. How much are you outperformingi yourself by? I'm willing to not be "the best" spec if its the spec "I like", but to an extent too.

  3. you didnt even say anything about your new shiny shoulder upgrades that you got last night...

    they are very "warlockery"


    Anyways, last nights raid was very interesting. My threat was off the charts. For most boss fights, I was around 5-7k tps. Even if DPS got their "string of crits" excuse, they weren't anywhere near me on threat.

    It was nice to test out my new spell where I take 40% of the raids damage up to 150% of my health... needless to say, I forgot to pop on Divine Protection and died pretty quickly lol.

    There haven't been any Earth shattering changes with paladins so I felt like I could just run in and do my thing. I will be making a post here pretty soon on my "new" tank spec.

  4. Like Desparatus, I used CoA to proc Molten Core whenever I was specced for it but as Deep Destruction I get more damage from CoD. I used CoD as Meta/Ruin as well because Molten Core is usually up from Corruption ticks but I haven't really tested CoA out instead.. I'm just so used to using Doom >.>

    Thats another post for another day, I suppose.

    I did the new heroic VoA boss last night and got schooled by a 0-41-30 hybrid but I blame poor latency and not knowing the fight >.> (you know.. instead of gear and admitting that it's a higher dps spec).

    Power Auras sounds pretty slick so I might have to check that one out. I've been changing target health to % instead of a number but having a flash warning would be much easier.

    I still haven't found a use for an Infernal yet but Maexxna ate my Doomguard =X.

    Grats on the numbers and glad to hear the changes weren't a nerf.

  5. Those silly hybrids and thier maths. Curses upon them all. Curses and firey doom! *shakes fist*

    The infernal is supposedly the highest DPS pet, he just only lasts for 60 seconds. It's good to throw in at the end of the fight since it is a short, AoE cast that actually does damage in the summon. One of the best uses I've heard is to throw it down near the end of Gluth on top of the chows... it'll stun and damage them in the process.

  6. @Ful

    That is an awesome idea with the Infernal on the chows for Gluth I will have to remember that for next time, might as well use it since I have it kind of thing.

  7. I think 41/30 ended up being 7-800 dps more for me last night.

    Some of that may be due to the newness of the fights and my comfort level, but 41/30 also "feels" like higher dps. I know that sounds weird and very un-scientific, but it's hard to explain.

    My biggest issue with 41/30 is getting to the hit cap - we never have a Boomkin or Shadow Priest but I do get the Space Goat Aura - so I have to be at 16% hit ... I come in at a little over 15% in my Hybrid gear.

    And one last plug for Power Auras... I don't think I could play with out it - I just rely on it for so many things.


  8. My math and penmanship sucks - make that about 500 dps difference. (Was just looking though my notes) I was not running a combat log - just going off recount.

    I was clearing the totals quite often and jotting down totals as we rebuffed and talked about what we were doing wrong on each pull.


  9. Yeah, I can't take credit for it, read it off Warlock's Den I think. Somewhere in my random wanderings looking for what pet to use when. I may try to write up something more formal about that...

  10. I'm no expert. However, I think the massive Drain Soul damage will outweigh the second Shadow Embrace debuff.

    However, it you get a Nigtfall proc, I don't see the harm in throwing a Shadow Bolt out there while recasting Haunt or UA.

  11. @Samo - Doesn't the SE effect help your Drain Soul damage too? Would losing it hurt all that much in that regard?

    In either case, its definitely one of my lower priorities at that point.

  12. In 3.1, similar to all pallies now having the Blessing of Kings buff, all priests got the Divine Spirit buff. So you didn't have a discipline priest with you last night - just me, and I'm all holy baby!

    Pre 3.1 I was holy, but specced just enough into Disc to get divine spirit. Now there's no need, so I'm officially deep holy. I dual specced with shadow, but I am sort of itchin' to try disc. Disc is very single target strong though, and with two pallies it's not really needed. Plus, I have never run disc and I'm not sure how long it would take me to get used to it.

    Point being, I'm holy, not disc XD


  13. Jbelle - didn't we have a second priest who was disc? I coulda sworn someone mentioned disc in raid chat as someone being specced that. In any case, I did not know about the priestly change, but DID see the buff on my bar (obviously), so I probably just assumed.

  14. We did have a second priest, but she was holy as well. I specifically asked if she was holy or disc, which is probably why the thought got in your head :) Very few priests go disc for raiding, but when they do, it's important to know when distributing healing assignments, because it makes a big difference.