Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finwe's Gearing Up Song

I mentioned my buddy Fin in yesterday's post, and I feel the need to expand on that relationship. You see, Fin is the cat (literally a feral druid sometimes) that got me started in this game a bit over a year ago. I had been wandering around among various MMO's, looking for something a home, and he decided to slip me some warcrack and get me involved in his wonderful guild, Generations. One thing led to another and now you have an addict WoW blogger on your hands. Yay Fin!

He also suckered me into raiding, theorycrafting, and all that good stuff as we'd talk at great length over long work lunches about how to play our classes and how to get the most out of our chosen roles. Sadly, Fin has since changed jobs, so I no longer see him a whole lot, though we still hang out online when we get the chance and pass emails back and forth. He also recently created an RL alt (or a child, if you wish). Then he wrote me a song to help with the gearing up process. See if in the intricacies of his lyrical genius you can spot the ties both to fatherhood and intense theorycrafting:

Gearing Up For WoW – The Basics
by Finwe

(verse 1)Head, Shoulders, Legs and Boots, Legs and Boots
Head, Shoulders, Legs and Boots, Legs and Boots
Wrists and Hands and Belt and Cloak
Head, Shoulders, Legs and Boots, Legs and Boots

(verse 2)Chest, Trinkets, Neck and Rings, Neck and Rings
Chest, Trinkets, Neck and Rings, Neck and Rings
Weapon and Idol and Tabard and Shirt
Chest, Trinkets, Neck and Rings, Neck and Rings

Note:You can substitute in the appropriate word in that last part.
Weapon(s) and Idol (relic, wand, bow…) and Tabard and Shirt.

:-D Thank You, Fin. My life is now complete. Sing it to yourself and I swear it'll get stuck in your head all day.


  1. I would consider that a 'farm status' type of song...lately I've experienced more of a 'wipe status' type of song that's been stuck in my head. (Thank you Ulduar and /scared tanks)
    Situation: Benny Hill comes over vent...plate DPS goes running by me yelling "RUN!!!" Clothies running around like circus clowns while I stand in the middle of it all...watching as I try to life tap/hellfire to my death before the boss 1-shots me.



  2. lol, I suppose that'll happen.