Monday, April 27, 2009

Evil Bunneh

...iz hoppin' in ur townz, poopin' on ur porch, and stealin' ur eggz.

My favorite thing to do was stick my huge felpup on top of the egg spawn and watch the chaos that ensued. After about forty-two seconds of messing with people camping eggs, I decided the holiday wasn't for me. I wanted to, you know, like, hunt eggs. Not sit in one spot and watch for a spawn. So I went back to the Argent Tournament dailies and tried to finish the Sons of Hodir quest chain on my DK for those dailies.

I got enough gold to dual spec both of my toons now, so I'm going to try to give that some thought this week. Wedding planning aggro has totally been infringing on my game time. Darn your RL *shakes fist* (I'm lucky enough that my fiancee feels the same way so I can get away with saying that. Grrl Gamers ftw ;-p. Though I really felt like fwoosh'ing some stupid flowers this weekend).

I really need to down that VoA boss and get a peek at Ulduar too...


  1. They key to hunting eggs...
    "accidently" type in general chat every so often a "mistell" along the lines of: "Yea...I'll brt, don't want to miss out on all the available eggs in Azuremyst Isle..."

    I was actually suprised at all the hate tells I got from people who just arrived there to have to compete with all the folks that I already tricked into going. But since their hearth was down for an didn't bother me to have them stuck with the competition far...far away from my eggs. :)

  2. Ha! That's a good one. Serves 'em right for trying to poach. Poached eggs, get it?!

    Small point of contention... recall hearthstones are now only on a half hour cooldown! Yippee! This means you gotta really make the most of that half hour ;-).

    Also, I just realized I used the wrong "peek"... shame on me... I need to go fix that.