Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DK 10-Man Emblem Gear

Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of my 25-man emblem shopping list. I have prepared a similar one for 10-man emblems with my DK. Keep in mind, I have done next to no gearing apart from PvP honor gear (because I was trying to do things the "hard way"). I have only run like two or three heroics on her (as much as people need someone to go). She is primarily DPS.

With that said, here's what I have in order of priority:
  1. Verdungo's Barbarian Cord - 40 Emblems (Like the yellow slot if you're not melee hit capped, or can put plenty of other good stuff in there. Belt buckle will give you two gems on your belt)
  2. Sigil of Haunted Dreams - 15 Emblems (Okay, based on commenting, this one should be removed in favor of the 25-man sigil eventually. For now, I picked up the 30-venture coin sigil for Icy Touch: The Sigil of Frozen Conscience. It only took all of 15 minutes to get out of Grizz Hills.)
  3. The T7.1 Glove Token - 60 Emblems (Though I just got a very good quest reward from completing the Heroic CoS quest chain inside the instance, these may bump down a spot)
  4. The T7.1 Chest Token - 80 Emblems (I linked the actual item for both of these... this will probably move up a slot)
  5. Added - Mirror of Truth - 40 Emblems (I have it on good authority from Stop that this is well worth the price, this one may even get bumped above the tokens as you can roll for those, good trinkets are hard to come by).
Remember, like a warlock, it is important to get your hit capped ASAP. Unlike a warlock, the major cap you want to hit is melee hit, which is only 8% or 263 hit points without any talents. If you're frost DPS like I am, that means right now you rely heavily on IT and HB (spells), so extra hit isn't all that bad. Death Coil also counts as a spell (though frost people will be using frost strike instead).

I think most DK stat priorities actually throw hit in there twice... once on top until you melee cap, then once later until you spell cap. Thus, I'm going with something like hit>str>AP>crit>hit>haste>else. I think that's pretty decent, correct me if I'm wrong. I certainly do not do my background reading on DK's as much.

Also, remember that the patch is going to completely screw up any frost DPS specs (as well as many others), so who knows what I'll be running with then. For now, I'm really enjoying the "rangedness" of the spec. Having IT and HB in my arsenal makes it fun, and FS is a great "finishing move" in PvP battlegrounds. I was able to pick up my black war tiger the other day too, which is cool stuff.

In un-wow-related news, I definitely gave EVE online a try the other day and really like the game so far. It's a lot more cerebral than WoW, and provides a nice change of pace. This isn't to say I'm giving up WoW or anything crazy like that, I've just never been a one game guy. I get kind of antsy when I play the same game forever. If any of my readers are EVE players as well, feel free to look me up, I play under the same name in New Eden.

(edit: Found this sentence over at The Stoppable Force: "Do not buy this, it has a terrible uptime." If you see, he is referencing that same Sigil that I already bought. Oops. So if you find my list, you may want to *not* get that one. I was still using the old one from the starter quests and just wanted something purple. Not the best excuse, I know, but I'll probably still use it for now. Any DK's out there know where I can do better? I would trust Stop as he is a smart guy.)


  1. If you don't mind killing some mobs of the opposite faction for a while, you might want to consider the Venture Bay sigils. There's three to choose from:

    * The Icy Touch one in particular (Sigil of the Frozen Conscience) is fantastic for dual-wielders who tend to spam Icy Touch. It's a bit OP, though, and is getting knocked down to an extra 111 damage to IT, if I recall.

    * The Death Coil one (Sigil of the Wild Buck) is really not worth buying.

    * The third one (Sigil of Arthritic Binding), is a mini-Sigil of Awareness for Unholy-spec using Scourge Strike. I'd pick that up and use it if I were Unholy (and, in fact, I think I did).

    The problem with the Sigil of Haunted Dreams is that it has maaaybe a 5% uptime, at best. It's better than it used to be (when it granted Haste - *shudder*), but not great. My recommendations:

    * Blood - keep using the starter one
    * 2H Frost - starter or Frozen Conscience
    * DW - Frozen Conscience
    * 2H Unholy - Arthritic Binding
    * Tank (any) - Unfaltering Knight

    One trinket I would definitely recommend picking up for a DPSer of pretty much any physical DPS class is the Mirror of Truth. 1000 AP from a trinket that is pretty much guaranteed to be up a ton of the time? Yes, please. I bought mine and haven't regretted it since.

  2. Great advice. I think I'll go see what I can see about those...

  3. One more thing to add - one of my readers just informed me that the Sigil of Awareness is going to be available for 25 Emblems of Valor in 3.1. Your DK will therefore have a shot at it without running 25s, because Ulduar-10 will drop Emblems of Valor, not Heroism.

    Good luck!

  4. Woot. Thanks again. I may just hold off now...

  5. Though the Grizz Hill quests are fun...