Thursday, April 9, 2009

3.1 Off-spec: What are you rollin with?

Since Abigore over at Fear.Win is trying to figure out some fun facts about his readers and about the upcoming patch, I figured that I might as well humor him. Even though I’m a Paladin and not a snot nosed ‘lock, I will answer his questions none the less.

1) What spec are you currently?

I am currently running with the 5-60-6 build and I really enjoy it. It gives me everything that I need to mitigate a TON of damage while cause gobs of threat.

2) How long have you used this spec and why did you choose it?

Ever since I rolled my paladin, I’ve been Prot specced. Paladins have had their fair share of buffs & nerfs so of course there have been many respeccs. I’ve stayed with this build ever since WotLK.

3) What are you most unhappy with in your current spec?

To be honest, I am completely happy with my spec. I have the ability to Main Tank anything in Naxx (10-25 man) without too much fuss. I have plenty of “Oh S*%$” buttons at my disposal to get through enrages or times when the healer needs help. The only thing that I would really enjoy would be some sort of Silence for Caster pulls but I will be receiving that with 3.1. My Avengers Shield will be Silencing anything that I hit (well obviously if it’s not resisted or what not).

4) What spec will you be taking in 3.1?

Since I’m horribly in love with tanking, I will continue to tank throughout the rest of Fuubaar’s Wow career. I know that my tree is getting a makeover so I will probably be messing around with that for a while.

5) If you plan on dual speccing, what will be your offspec?

This will be the hardest question to answer. I know that I will probably dual spec some sort of Ret/Holy concoction that I can use in Raid for DPS when we don’t need me as a tank but I can off heal if the healers need a hand. I also like to PvP so maybe I’ll bring back the Shockidan? Who knows… I’m just excited that I get to be useful when an extra tank isn’t needed in a fight. I will definitely keep you up to date on my findings to my pursuit to the perfect off-spec for me.

Fulguralis will most likely make a post about this as well so I image when he wakes up, you will find his answers as well.

(Edit from Ful: I take no responsibility for Fuu's "snot nosed" comment. Please send all severed heads with attn:Fuubaar on them please. I'll use them for fun after she's be thoroughly grossed out. Also, look for my answers to pop up tomorrow.)


  1. All Warlocks are like little children pulling the wings off of Flys for their amusement.

    PS: Please refrain from sending severed heads... this does not amuse me. If you really wanna entertain me, send your own ;)

  2. True, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. I prefer to pull off the large jumper legs on grasshoppers... much more amusing than flies without wings, imo.

    *rubs nose*

  4. ah haha. My love for Fuu continues to grow as me and Abi's pillow talk in BC consisted of why Lock's should use Curse of Element instead of Curse of Agony.

    (Back when my main was a Mage and his was a Lock)

    My hatred for most warlocks carries on to today. *grin*