Friday, March 20, 2009

What's In A Name?

So here is my attempt to start a meme. I'm not really a "jump on the bandwagon" type of person, but this is something I thought might be interesting to do. Also, it is something I'm interested in reading from other bloggers. So, what is it?

Simple: I want to know how you chose your names in WoW.

For some, it may be as simple as RNG (where N is name and not number), but I would think a lot of bloggers really put some thought into their names, and it might be fun to "get to know your blogger" a bit more. I'm not sure if it even qualifies as a meme, since it doesn't have crazy rules, pictures, or witty sayings. I know some people already even have an "about" page where it may be already explain, or a link to an old post, or something. That's fine, lets dig those out and dust them off, because... why not? And since I would never ask someone to do something I wasn't willing to do myself, I suppose I will start the shenanigans to give you a better idea of where I'm going with this.

Personally, I'm somewhere in between RNG and deep thought, as my "main" name goes way way back to days of playing Starcraft on when that first came out in the mid 90's. I happened to be in middle school at the time (I suppose that dates me in a good or bad way depending on the age of the reader), and one of the things that seemed clever to me (and still does in a very noobish way) was finding ways to say things in other languages. I've written before that I've always found Latin intriguing and magical for unknown reasons. Probably a lot of it has to do with being Catholic.

In any case, I started by picking out another something I really like: Thunderstorms. Just doing a general web search through a Latin dictionary netted me the base word: Fulgeo which means a burst of light... or lightning. I went with it. Looking for a masculine way to conjugate the word brought me to the finished product: Fulguralis. Is it grammatically correct? Hell no. Does it even mean anything at this point? Probably not. But it meant something to me, and that's all that matters, right?

So, anyways, I started rolling with that as my online moniker back in the day, and it has stuck with me through numerous games.

Getting to the alts, I first created a character called Kayoh. Why? Because it's like K.O. sounded out and its a rogue who goes sleeveless all the time. It completely broke my old naming pattern, but apparently that day I just wanted something shallow and fun (we all have those days right?). The rogue is still stuck at 20.

Fulgurante is my hot Spanish bank goat. I basically just took my name and gave it a Spanish twist. Simple enough, yet effective enough. She likes to look good and keep all the money. Women... am I right guys?

When I rolled my DK, I had an inkling that I wanted to invest more into this class than my other alts. I hadn't really levelled anything else extensively (loving my warlock and despising most other classes), but DK's held promise with DoTs and death. So, I went back to my old naming conventions, finding a root word roughly meaning killer, or death dealer: Decessor. Then I took and conjugated the word all feminine like and slapped a "ful" on the end so that people would know its me, getting: Decedereful. I really like the name too. I used the same thing when I rolled my RP toon over on Abi's server and went with Decedor, which is a more masculine conjugation I think for my male belf DK. I didn't add ful because it's not important that people know who I am over there (I'm not an officer or anything).

So, that's how I named my toons. I think for me, the more thought I put into a name, the more I get into the character. The simple fun names end up being simple fun toons that fade after a while (or are relegated to bank duty). The ones I spend more time on, I end up spending more time with. Maybe there's something there, maybe not.

In any case, I wanna know how a few other people went about their naming, so let the tagging commence. For my meme, three shall be the number of the tagging and the number of the tagging shall be three. No more, no less. Thou shalt not tag four, no either shalt thou tag two excepting that thou then procedst to three. Five is right out.

1. Abigore at Fear.Win

2. Syrana at Sideshow and Syrana

3. Elleiras at Fel Fire

(unrelated: Matticus watch 2009 continues with more random boldings. I got two in my feedreader this week: "This will be" on this post and then "another project" on this post. So far I have down: "fourth this will be another project". I'm thinking I may have missed some previous ones. Sign of the lich apocalypse or terrorist hordie communications? You decide.)


  1. I will get to this... oh yes, I will. ;)

  2. Okay so my excuse for not noticing that decedereful was latin is because in latin i was the grammar nazi - so i always look at endings. Since you tagged on "ful", it didnt strike me. shh, thats my excuse.

    You conjugate verbs, and decline nouns and adjectives.

    I know you didnt meme me, but im an attention whore.

    I picked Jessabelle, because i liked the twist. When you look at it, it looks like such a sweet name... but then say it out loud, and its jezzebel really. Since I'm a priest, and maybe one day ill start doing the shadow thing, i liked the dualism between light and dark there.

    Elimeny, which is actually my first toon's name, is my handle for everything. In fact, if you google "elimeny", it's like, all me. It's a play off of my middle name, and a word i just made up, and loved, and it stuck. I used to get my teachers in High school to call me that too XD

  3. I can't "meme" you if you don't have a blog :-D. Still love the input. I tried to be semi-clever anyways...

  4. Do you think I should start a blog? I don't even know what I would write about. ha!

  5. Here it 'tis...

  6. @Jess - Only if you like to write. I do this because I just enjoy writing. Its an outlet for a passion that is otherwise stifled as an engineer. I'm glad others find me amusing or informative, but the real question you should ask is: would I want to blog even if no one read it. For me, the answer is an emphatic "yes". The awesome community of people I have met is just the large sugar laden icing on top of the cake. I would suggest to anyone to start a blog, but unless you enjoy the topic and writing itself, it probably won't last long :-).

    @Syr - read and commented. GJ =D